Smartwool: Why We All Love It.

Straight from the sheep’s mouth…

Why Wool?

Nothing manages moisture, regulates temperature or repels odor better than wool. So, why does it have to itch? That’s what we thought, until we tried SmartWool—the softest fabric you’ll ever wear.

Temperature Regulation

Wool fibers have tiny pockets of air that provide a buffering layer of natural climate control. This natural buffering capacity helps the body maintain a stable core temperature.


Synthetics don’t wick sweat until it turns into a liquid, while wool moves sweat off the skin immediately in its vapor state, keeping you drier and more comfortable over a longer period of time.


Wool is antimicrobial—in other words, because wool is great at wicking, absorbing and evaporating moisture, odor-causing bacteria can’t find a home here.

Naturally Renewable

Harvesting wool uses significantly less energy than it takes to manufacture fossil fuel dependent, man-made synthetics. Wool is also recyclable and biodegradable.

Why SmartWool?

SmartWool is the most comfortable fiber you can put against your skin. A natural fiber…that manages moisture, regulates body temperature and stays odor free.

No Shrink

Our 4-Degree Banded Fit System leverages technology used in today’s athletic footwear to raise fit, feel and performance to unheralded levels. It’s almost Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-type stuff—beyond the realms of physics and clothing science.

No Itch

It’s a combination of the smart technology we apply and the fine micron (fiber diameter) that gives SmartWool its light and airy feel. No itch-causing (high micron) fibers make the cut.


We’ve added more durability to our running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor socks by replacing the nylon with a new, densely spun wool yarn—more SmartWool next to your skin!

4 Season Functionality

We’re not talking your grandpa’s rag wool socks here. We’ve got luxuriously soft, ultra-thin pieces for under suits, socks for running or road tripping, tops for working out or staying in.

Health Benefits

Along with regulating body temperature, fighting off bacteria and moving sweat off your skin while it’s still a vapor, natural, renewable SmartWool is also healthy for the environment!

Body Temperature

Lower heat retention in SmartWool means your core temperature stays lower so lactate build-up does not occur as readily. This result gives you the ability to work harder for longer.

Natural Fibers

Sweat needs to be removed from the skin’s surface to retain a dry and healthy environment. SmartWool removes sweat from the skin’s surface before it condenses into a liquid.

Wool “Allergies”

SmartWool’s long merino wool fibers don’t stick out to give you that prickle effect. Wool is hypoallergenic. A wool allergy is rare and, when existent, is caused by lanolin, a coating on the fiber.

Naturally Flame Retardant

Wool has a natural UV protection and is difficult to ignite. In fact, wool never melts, so it can’t stick to the skin like many synthetics do when they burn—ouch!

Wool Care

Wool is an expensive material that can be worn year-round. Furnishings around the house, such as rugs, can be made from wool. To ensure your product looks good for years, check the care tag.

Caring for SmartWool

SmartWool socks and long underwear can be machine washed and dried. Our knit sweaters can be gently machine washed and set flat to dry. All SmartWool boiled wool should be dry-cleaned.

Tips for Hand Washing

Use a mild detergent in lukewarm water; don’t use hot water. Rinse with cool water and gently squeeze to remove soap and excess water. When washing and rinsing, do no wring the garment.

Tips for Machine Washing

Set your washing machine on its gentle cycle with cool or lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent, without bleach. If using powdered soap, completely dissolve it before adding.

Tips for Drying

SmartWool socks and long underwear can be machine dried. Turn them inside out to avoid pilling. After washing our knit sweaters, lay them flat to dry. Our boiled wool should be dry-cleaned.

Did You Know?

SmartWool stays busy establishing better business practices that focus on environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, improvement in animal welfare and social change.

Feeling Good = Doing Good

The SmartWool Advocacy Program was born out of the desire to give back to communities in which we live, work and play. 10% of SmartWool online sales go directly to this program.

We Love Our Sheep

SmartWool has established long-term partnerships with those New Zealand Merino growers that have adopted best management practices and seek to continually improve animal welfare.

Our Wool is Top Notch!

SmartWool and its New Zealand partners have developed Zque, the world’s first traceable Merino fiber value chain. This program ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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