Snowshoeing: The perfect winter activity!

With all the winter activities one can participate in, snowshoeing might just be one of the best.  Why?  Simple: it’s relatively inexpensive to purchase the gear, practically anyone of any age can do it, and you can finds dozens of places to hike in your area for free.

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We all know the benefits of leading an active lifestyle, yet finding ways to stay active in the winter proves to be difficult year after year.  While walking during the warm summer months is one of the most popular forms of exercise, many call it quits once the snow starts to fall due to snow covered paths, icy sidewalks, and cold feet.  Thankfully, with a good boots and a pair of snowshoes, winter walking and hiking is made easy and people can reap the benefits of daily walking year round.

Interested?  Great!  Let’s talk gear.  Most people who live in cold weather climates already own a pair of winter boots, and for the most part, those work just fine for snowshoeing.  We always say if you can walk comfortably in your current boots, they’ll work perfectly for use with snowshoes.  So grab your trusty Sorels and read on!

Clothing is another important part of snowshoe gear and like boots, most people only need to purchase a few key items to add to their existing outdoor clothing collection to complete their outfits for the cold and snow .  It’s important to start with a good base layer, made with a non-cotton material able to wick moisture away from the skin.  Brands like Smartwool, Patagonia, and Terramar are constructed with wools and synthetic materials that are very efficient at keeping you warm and dry.  From there, a mid layer should be worn to provide insulation and warmth.  Fleece, power stretch, wool, or any other heavier weight fabrics work great for insulation while continuing to move moisture from the base layer away from the skin.  Lastly, a good outer layer rounds out the perfect winter activity outfit.  Most are windproof and waterproof, yet breathable, and should allow for good mobility.  Jackets, vests, shells, and snow pants provide a great barrier to keep you warm and dry.  Top it off with some warm gloves and a hat and your all set to go!

Last but definitely not least, you’ll need a pair of snowshoes.  Here at Shep’s we carry three brands of shoes for a great selection at all price points.  From our great performing, great value Yukon Charlies to the locally made Redfeather line of snowshoes, we have a snowshoe to fit any budget or activity.  All our shoes are durable, lightweight, and very easy to use, requiring little to no learning curve for new users.  The old saying remains true: ‘If you can walk, you can snowshoe!’

If you have any questions about getting started snowshoeing, or if you are a current snowshoer looking to take things to the next level, our friendly and knowledgable staff are always eager to help in any way possible!  Call or stop in today!

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