Meet the Family: Aventura Clothing

Meet the family: Aventura Clothing

Are you a fan of fashions in stores like Urban Outfitters? If so, you’ve love Aventura (who makes styles for UO.) We like them because they pay attention to the big picture, most specifically with their commitment to sustainability and giving back.

They say “We’re passionate about creating fashionable and comfortable clothing with low environmental impact. Look for the leaf icon to easily find styles made with sustainable or lower impact materials” and “We’re committed to giving back to our communities and making them a better place to live for all. We’ve partnered with food banks across the country and a unique non-profit for women to offer a hand up to those who need it most.”

Sustainable style begins with the right fabrics. With the use of organically farmed cotton, Aventura Clothing supports avoiding the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetic engineering. They track organic cotton from the farm to their factories to ensure they are always working to reduce their footprint. Today, over 75% of their styles use lower impact or sustainable materials.

You’ll feel good about Aventura’s fashions and fits, especially their Organic Cotton styles, which are our favorites. Shep’s is Aventura’s only home in Wausau.

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