Bye, Bye Winter 2019!

Winter Blow Out Sale is going on NOW in our downtown Wausau Store!

  • up to 70% off winter jackets and pants for the whole family
  • up to 50% off boots, shoes, mittens and gloves
  • at least 30% off sportswear you’ll be excited to wear today and next year.
  • 25% off remaining goggles and helmets
  • Pre-Season pricing (the lowest of the year) on ski and snowboard packages
  • Deep discounts on a’la carte ski boots, skis, bindings and poles
  • These discounts are in our downtown Wausau store. Some key items are available at these low prices on our website:

Spring skiing is the BEST and with the record snow this season the slopes at Granite Peak will remain open well into our short local spring season. So why not check out our end-of-season prices on ski equipment? Really, why not?

Growing kids? Tired of wearing the same winter jacket every day for six long months? Why not check out our end-of-season prices on outerwear for the family? Really, why not?

Ski Tuning and Repairs are rolling through our ski shop alongside our busy-as-always bike repair shop. Because the gear you love to use needs TLC.

Are you just saying No to winter? Leaving on a jet plane? Spring clothes and sandals are ready and waiting for your beach vacation. Kayaks, wakeboards, paddle boards and camping gear will be out soon. And you can shop sale price bikes right now.

It’s all good weather to us, as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary at Wausau’s Outdoor Store.

324 Scott Street, Downtown Wausau. 715-845-5432

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