Dungeon Sale 2021: Wausau’s Favorite Ski Swap Starts 10/25

Dungeon Sale is Wausau’s biggest annual ski consignment sale. You’ll find not only ski and snowboard gear, but clearance priced clothes, winter boots, accessories and outerwear plus discounts on ski shop services. 

Schedule an appointment to avoid waiting for access to the Dungeon Tower, and all season please.

Drop off your used skis, snowboards, boots and poles now through Oct 10, 2021. After passing a quick inspection by our Pros, they’ll be part of our huge annual consignment sale. We help price it for you and keep only a 10% consignment fee.  After your consignment items sell, you’ll have Shep’s store credit to use toward the purchase of any of our products or services.

Please wear a mask if you’re unvaccinated (seriously, get your shot – let’s smash COVID and Delta together!)Please shop in person another time if you have symptoms of any illness. 

We’ve moved our famously low-priced ski and snowboard gear from the Dungeon to the Tower of our cozy castle where we can socially distance and maintain reduced occupancy while displaying all the awesome gear you’re excited about. If stairs aren’t your thing, we’ll bring the deals to you on the main floor.

  • Discounted outerwear, clothing, footwear and accessories will be located in our balcony level Sale Room during Dungeon Sale.
  • Merchandise is limited in all departments due to shipping delays and manufacturing challenges. Shopping early and remaining flexible will help you have fun on the slopes this year.
  • Binding Adjustments for Dungeon Sale downhill skis will be $15 

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Sale 2021: Wausau’s Favorite Ski Swap Starts 10/25”

  1. Hi, I bought my wife’s first set of skis from you in 1980. Red Olin Mark 2. Great set and great service.
    For clarity:
    1. We bring in our skis.
    2. You evaluate, sell and retain 10%….which is fine.
    3. The difference is in store credit…which is fine. I need new boots.
    4. When would we pick up our items if they didn’t sell?
    5. How do we know if they do sell?
    6. We live about 2 hours away and want to be efficient in our travels.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Tim. Thanks for your support since 1980! We ask for two weeks following the beginning of Dungeon Sale to enter all the consignment credits that are earned. (We usually complete it much faster.) We ask you to call us to see if your gear sold and learn how much credit you have on account. 715-845-5432. You can also email us to request the information: outdoorexpert@shepssports.com If your gear doesn’t sell during the official event, it is likely to sell in the weeks that follow. You may pick up your unsold gear any time. (We appreciate advance notice if possible.) Does this answer your questions?

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