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Loving Winter in Wausau: How To

We’ve been doing Winter in Wausau since 1949. So yes, we’re experts. If you need help with the ins and outs of negotiating slippery sidewalks, the fine art of dressing in layers, a recommendation for where to go snowshoeing, fat-tire bike riding, or simply where to find the the best cozy fire in town or the tastiest warm drink. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Have you decided to step it up a notch and learn to love the snow and cold? Then Shep’s is the place for advice, clothes and gear. Check out some of our recommendations below, and visit us at 324 Scott Street, across from the 400 Block in Downtown Wausau, for personalized service and great winter gear. We love winter and we know you can too!

Discover Wisconsin thinks Winter in Wausau is the Best!
There’s a right way and a wrong way to layer.

Dressing in Winter 101

You know that chill you get, the one that hangs on even when you’ve gone inside? We know why that happens and how to fix it! Let’s talk about the differences various fabrics make, and how to make them work together to keep you cozy, warm and dry.

Step 1: Wet is not warm. So the key in winter weather is to stay dry. NO COTTON! That means no denim. Leave those great jeans in the closet when you venture outside. Cotton holds moisture, liquid and vapor. Have you ever rolled a sock off your foot, ending up with a damp, icky sock donut? You don’t want that in winter. Repeat: No Cotton.

Step 2: Base Layer. Also known as long underwear. It needs to wick moisture and provide insulation, appropriate to your activity. For example, if you’re cross country skiing you can expect to sweat (there’s that moisture problem again!) A light-weight, stretch polyester or bamboo fabric that moves moisture quickly is a great way to go. Ice fishing? That requires a highly insulating fiber of course. Merino wool is our favorite because it insulates while it’s moving moisture. In fact, it’s a miracle fiber in our opinion. Read more from the experts at Smartwool here.

Step 3: Mid Layer. Wicking and insulation continue in the mid layer. Ideally, the fabric you choose here will work with your base layer. Wool, polyester fleece, natural down are all great choices for different reasons. You can look in your closet for a puffy down jacket, a fleece hoody or something in between. They are all mid-layers if they are not built to keep out wind and water. This is where our great brands have come up with some awesome advancements in recent years. We can show you when you visit us!

Step 4: Outer Layer. Your winter jacket. We finally got to it! Here you have a multitude of choices, obviously. A winter jacket is the garment that must help you withstand the cold, wind, and snow or rain. Most contain heat-trapping insulation so your body stays warm even when not in motion. It must also have a waterproof/ breathable membrane to really protect you.

It could be a “Hard Shell” jacket, which is not insulated at all. Think rain jacket. Most of us in Wisconsin use these in mild temperatures – 30s-50s. Our staff prefers an insulated jacket, even when we are employing the layering philosophy described here, when it’s below freezing.

So come see us. Let’s talk about winter dressing, and all the great places to enjoy the outdoors in Central Wisconsin.

Do it This Year!

  • “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.” – Warren Miller.

What are you waiting for? Why not give skiing a try? If you live near Wausau, Wisconsin, why on earth would you miss the chance to experience Mother Nature’s gift of Rib Mountain?

Granite Peak Ski Area is a treasure in Marathon County, and skiing there is world class, with a host of recently installed amenities. Shepherd & Schaller is Wisconsin’s favorite ski store, only a few miles away from the chairlifts that will whisk you to the top. With 70 years of experience, we’ve created a variety of ways to make you a skier, and we’re here to keep your ski gear healthy and working well.

Rent. Shep’s rents downhill ski packages, cross country packages, snow shoes and ice skates. Call us for info. 715-845-5432

Buy used. Shep’s sells used ski equipment on consignment. It’s perfect for growing families and skiers who like to upgrade. Learn more here.

Buy new. The latest engineering and technology make it so very easy to become a good skier quickly. Shep’s offers the largest selection of skis, boots, bindings, poles, helmets and goggles in Wisconsin. Outerwear, gloves, long underwear and everything you could possibly need to be comfortable outdoors in winter, wherever you like to play. Visit our website for a taste of the choices you’ll find in store.

Let’s go skiing!

Patagonia Gift Ideas from Shepherd & Schaller


The popularity of Patagonia clothing and gear keeps rising.  Lucky Wausau area shoppers can wrap up some awesome gifts this holiday after shopping at Shepherd & Schaller in Downtown Wausau, WI.

What do we have in stock from Patagonia for Holiday 2018?  Just these few styles:

  • Black Hole Duffels and Travel Cubes
  • Black Hole Day Packs
  • Classic Day Packs
  • Truck Hats, Beanies, Wool Caps (by the dozens!)
  • Better Sweaters for men, women, children
  • Re-Tool Fleece
  • Snap-T Fleece
  • Synchilla Fleece
  • Retro Fleece
  • Down Sweater Jackets & Vests
  • Nano Puff Jackets & Vests
  • Tees, Cardigans, Dresses
  • Baby Fleece
  • Capilene Base Layers
  • Torretshell Rain Jackets and Pants
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

Special orders of out-of-stock items are welcome.  Shop Wisconsin’s Patagonia headquarters.

The Kuhl-est Gifts are at Shepherd & Schaller

It can’t be helped.  You’ll find yourself saying it over and over; “Isn’t this cool?”

Kuhl clothing is favorite for countless reasons.  Men of all ages, and all sizes, love the way they look and feel in sportswear and outerwear that is manly enough to live in the great outdoors, yet classy enough for the boardroom.


As for the ladies? Hard work knows no gender, and gals looking for performance-driven style love Kuhl as much as the guys do.  

Kuhl is Mountain Grown in Utah, with a commitment to original thinking, authentic character and mountain culture.  Shepherd & Schaller is the regions largest Kuhl dealer, with the largest selection of styles for hundreds of miles.  

Give a Kuhl gift this holiday!

Peek at our selection here.