Dungeon Sale 2020: We’re Not Scared

Drop off your used skis, snowboards, boots and poles now through Oct 10, 2020. After passing a quick inspection by our Pros, they’ll be part of our huge annual consignment sale. Scroll for details:

2020, you don’t frighten us. We turn scary things into fun things, so welcome to the Dungeon! Ski season is just around the corner.

Dungeon Sale is Wausau’s biggest annual ski sale event. But it’s more than just ski gear. It’s clothes, winter boots, outerwear, and so much more!  

If you’re brave enough to head to the basement of our haunted 130-year-old building, you’ll find crazy low prices on used and new ski and snowboard equipment for the entire family.

Shep’s accepts used gear through October 10 for consignment sale.  We help price it for you and keep only a 10% consignment fee (when swaps keep 20%).  After your consignment items sell, you’ll have store credit to use toward the purchase of any of our products or services.

We set used ski and snowboard gear up alongside our own inventory of new gear (left over from last season.)

Kid-size gear is extremely popular, so most years there is a line at the door before our event opens.  Have no fear, there is usually enough selection to satisfy shoppers all through the event.  Dungeon Sale includes Alpine Ski, X-C Ski and Snowboard equipment.

You’ll want to shop upstairs too, where the latest current season ski and snowboard gear is also on sale along with the best new outerwear, sportswear and accessories like helmets, goggles, wax, tuning supplies and more.  You can even combine the great used gear you find in the Dungeon with new equipment from upstairs to earn Shep’s lowest “package price.”  All clothing and accessories are at least 20% off during Dungeon Sale and we’ve got lots of other great specials going on.

To top it off we have discounts on shop work like binding adjustments or re-mounts on dungeon gear for only $15 and a full ski or snowboard tune-up for only $39.99.

Once the Dungeon Sale is officially over, you are still free to shop the basement. (There’s just less to choose from!) Check back often for more details. Hint: our building has lots of nooks and crannies to shop for frightfully great deals.

Shep’s OUTrageous Sidewalk Sale July 10-12, 2020

2020 handed us lemons but we’re making something sweet of our circumstances for you: a no-holds-barred discount event at Shepherd and Schaller in downtown Wausau.

July 10-12,2020 will be OUTrageous with our special recipe for outdoor gear at refreshing discounted prices. Shop famous brands and help us clear out inventory during downtown Wausau’s annual Sidewalk Sale, with deals inside the store and on our sidewalk at 324 Scott St. Preview some of our deals here.

  • 50% off downhill ski and cross country ski equipment including skis, boots, bindings, poles, helmets and goggles
  • 40% off snowboard equipment
  • up to 70% off outerwear and sportswear
  • at least 25% off footwear and performance socks
  • 25% off bags and luggage
  • up to 30% off water sports gear, PFDs, tow ropes and more
  • $3/$5/$7/$9 close-out table come see the deals!

At Shepherd & Schaller we’re all about healthy interactions with each other and the outdoors. We require masks, 6′ distancing and disinfecting in our store and while shopping our outdoor Sidewalk Sale. We support brands who offer merchandise made of organic and recycled materials, with transparent supply chains and investment in the environment.

How about a hug and a little support?

What feels better than a hug when you’re overwhelmed, working hard, not at your best? Therapeutic socks are a little bit of luxury that you’ll agree is really a necessity after you try them.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

Compression and therapeutic socks have been reinvented by the good people at Sockwell who spin innovative technology with fresh, modern styling for a lifestyle look and the good people at Wausau’s Shepherd & Schaller stock them for you! The collection offers a variety of solutions including graduated compression, plantar fasciitis relief, bunion relief, relaxed fit/diabetic friendly, sport compression, and everyday essential comfort socks.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

Loved by teachers, nurses, medical professionals and expectant moms for minimizing swelling, and reducing fatigue. Savvy travelers always have a pair of graduated compression socks in their bag for long trips, when relief from prolonged sitting and standing is essential. All Lifestyle Compression socks feature moderate (15-20 mmHg) or firm (20-30 mmHg) graduated compression technology in signature Fine Merino Wool/Bamboo blend.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

The  sport line ranges from micros, quarters and crews to over the calf, providing moderate and firm compression and graduated compression options. Perfect for hiking, running, walking, cycling, skiing, and general exercise, athletes love the Sport Compression line because it helps to energize their step, recover quickly, and minimize swelling.

Solution-based socks soothe and comfort sensitive feet. Whether suffering from plantar fasciitis or bunions, or in need of a relaxed fit/diabetic friendly product, the Relief Solutions line provides technology tailored to protect, support, and pamper sensitive feet. See the full line at sockwellusa.com and shop shepssports.com or visit Shep’s in downtown Wausau, WI.

In addition to Sockwell, you’ll find socks by Darn Tough and other premium brands at Shepherd & Schaller. Always By 3 Get 1 Free, socks are a perfect gift of luxury and performance.

How to put on a compression sock

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  • Email outdoorexpert@shepssports.com
  • Phone 715-845-5432
  • Visit Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm until further notice
  • Shop online shepssports.com

We invite you to schedule bike service, ask questions or make a purchase. We will continue to post updates to our situation and promote our products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so please follow us for announcements and more.

Thank you for 71 wonderful years in Wausau. We’ll be here when this is all over. Stay healthy.