When you care about the Outdoors, it’s part of your Indoors too. Luumi can help.

The outdoor lifestyle is more than a trend at Shepherd & Schaller, where recycling and repurposing is in our soul. Maybe you’ve visited our home in an 1800s building, seen our cozy sales floor decorated with historic artifacts and sporting gear, a current trend yet a style we’ve always embraced. Waste not, want not!

The “trend” toward a conscious effort to choose products that respect the earth and all of us living here, while simplifying your home and outdoor lifestyle is one we really get behind. So, alongside the organic and recycled fabrics and transparent supply chains and certified Faire Trade things in our clothing department, check out these for your home and lifestyle when you visit us in downtown Wausau:

Luumi Silicone Storage – Yes!

Silicone is made from sand, not plastic. And LUUMI products are made with 100% platinum silicone – the cleanest form there is. Your body will thank you. The planet will thank you.

Perfect for almost any kind of food. It’s dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. It even makes a great sous-vide cooking utensil, where you immerse food in warm water. Luumi silicone is found in green-conscious homes everywhere. Come check out the straws, bags, bowls and lids we stock.

100% platinum silicone lets you leave the bad out and keep the good in.

Bye, Bye Winter 2019!

Winter Blow Out Sale is going on NOW in our downtown Wausau Store!

  • up to 70% off winter jackets and pants for the whole family
  • up to 50% off boots, shoes, mittens and gloves
  • at least 30% off sportswear you’ll be excited to wear today and next year.
  • 25% off remaining goggles and helmets
  • 50% off retail price all remaining downhill skis, boots, bindings, poles
  • 40% off retail price all remaining snowboards, boots and bindings
  • 40% off retail price all remaining XC skis, bindings, Poles, and Boots
  • These discounts are in our downtown Wausau, WI store or by phone at 715-845-5432. Some key items are also available at these low prices on our website: shepssports.com

It’s never too early to plan ahead for next ski season. Pay half and use the savings for an extra ski trip or two!

Growing kids? Tired of wearing the same winter jacket every day for six long months? Why not check out our end-of-season prices on outerwear for the family? Really, why not?

Ski Tuning and Repairs are rolling through our ski shop alongside our busy-as-always bike repair shop. Because the gear you love to use needs TLC.

Are you just saying No to winter? Leaving on a jet plane? Spring clothes and sandals are ready and waiting for your beach vacation. Kayaks, wakeboards, paddle boards and camping gear are in and ready for your awesome summer plans. And you can shop sale price bikes right now too!

It’s all good weather to us, as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary at Wausau’s Outdoor Store.

324 Scott Street, Downtown Wausau. 715-845-5432 ShepsSports.com

Warranty Service at Shepherd & Schaller

You slipped on a banana peel and ripped your pants when you fell. It took a lot of tries to master that Half Cab Mute Grab and you have a cracked ski edge to show for it. Your daughter shut the car door on your new jacket and now the zipper is broken. Oops! That’s ok, you’ll get a new one under warranty, right?

Sorry, you likely won’t. But if said pants, jacket or ski has a manufacturer’s defect in materials or workmanship within a limited time period it’s a different story. The good news is we’ll help you through the processes of requesting warranty repair or replacement. Another benefit of shopping at Shep’s!

Visit your manufacturer’s website for their warranty details and limitations. Here’s an outline of the process here at Shepherd & Schaller.:

NSSRA Elects Robb Shepherd Director

Robb Shepherd, President of Shepherd & Schaller, was elected
Director of the National Ski & Snowboard Retailers Association

At its annual meeting during the January 2019 National Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver, the NSSRA Board of Directors elected three Officers and four new Directors, including our fearless leader, Robb Shepherd.

NSSRA, founded in 1987, represents specialty snow sports retailers and advocates on their behalf on issues affecting their businesses. Their mission is to support specialty snow sports retailers, to promote the sports of skiing and snowboarding, and to compile and distribute to its members relevant snow sports industry research.

Robb previously served the ski industry for Nations Best Sports of Ft. Worth, Texas as a member of their hardgoods vendor screening committee. 

“The ability to discuss, face-to-face with brand officers, what matters most to Wisconsin skiers has made a huge impact on our ability to give a big mountain experience to our customers.”  Shepherd says.  “Specialty retail is about expertise, passion, emerging trends and engaging in unique ways and I appreciate the opportunity to be a voice for our customers and others in our industry.”

Learn more about NSSRA here.

Shepherd & Schaller is a 70-year-old outdoor specialty store in Downtown Wausau, WI.  Presenting premium gear, heritage clothing and footwear, the product mix evolves with community passions in an historic, character-filled building.  Repairs and rentals.  

To learn more visit shepssports.com or call 715-845-5432