Staying Hydrated Matters

Are you an athlete who likes to push your body to its limits? Spend a lot of time outdoors, working hard, or on summer adventures? Check out this blog post taken from CamelBak about the importance of hydrating – something most of us could do better. There are some startling facts below!

We stock Nalgene & CamelBak water bottles as well as CamelBak’s hydration packs. Take this part of your health seriously and get the gear & water you need before you head out on adventures this summer.

Hydrating for Sport Performance

Water is the most abundant (and overlooked) element in the body. In fact, experts rank water second only to oxygen as essential for life and say most of us aren’t getting enough water. Whether you’re just starting out with an exercise plan or you’re a highly trained athlete, we’ve got some quick tips to help you understand the importance of hydration on your performance.

The importance of pre-hydration before your workout or event:

  • The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking 14-20 ounces of fluid 2 hours before exercise to make sure you’re adequately hydrated.
  • Athletes who are dehydrated when they start competing don’t perform as well. Why? Starting your workout dehydrated reduces the amount of fluid circulating in your bloodstream and bathing your body’s cells. Less circulating fluid makes your heart work harder during exercise, drives up your heat production, and limits your body’s ability to cool itself. Increased body temperature also affects your mental performance.
  • According to the ACSM, being dehydrated by more than 2% of body weight can significantly affect performance.
  • Drinking water regulates your body temperature. That means you’ll feel more energetic when exercising. Water also helps fuel your muscles.

Why you need to stay hydrated during exercise:

  • In a dehydrated state, your muscles fatigue and may develop cramps.
  • Hydration keeps your heart rate lower, longer.
  • Both aerobic and endurance activities are affected, performance worsens in a hot environment and as dehydration increases.
  • Hydration keeps you from overheating. As you exercise, your muscles generate heat. The body dissipates this heat through sweat, and as the sweat evaporates, it cools the tissues beneath. Since sweat is made up of about 95% water, you need water in order to sweat normally.
  • Water acts as a lubricant for muscles and joints and it helps cushion joints to keep muscles working properly.
  • Approximately 70-75% of muscle is made up of water, so maintaining the right water balance is necessary for peak muscle performance.
  • Athlete studies show a 1% loss in body fluid will slow you down 2%.

Don’t stop there! Be sure to stay hydrated after, too!

  • Proper hydration has been shown to relieve back and joint pain for as many as 80% of sufferers.
  • Wake up! Dehydration is the #1 cause for afternoon fatigue.
  • By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.
  • Hydrated skin looks younger: Your skin is the first place to lose water.
  • Water delivers the nutrients your body needs – never run on empty.

Spring at Shep’s – Freshen Up with New Sportswear!

At Shep’s, we’re not just about winter! Come spring, we flip the store and offer you the greatest summer outdoor equipment, performance & trending apparel and accessories to get you set for the fun months ahead. Whether you like to wake surf or sunbathe, kayak or disc golf, we’ve got you covered.

Customers come in and rave about the sportswear we have for men and women. Here are some highlights of things we know you won’t want to miss.

PrAna – apparel, yoga mats, purses & accessories – styles for the yoga mat and styles for the streets (think denim, skirts, lace trimmed tops, and more!) Men, we didn’t forget about you. Soft, quick drying tees & shorts, lightweight jackets & plaid tops will have you looking good for your summer outings too. (We do have yoga specific pieces for men who participate!)

Kavu – apparel for men and women who appreciate laid back style, organic fabrics and fun fashion.

Teva Footwear – men and women have been asking for it, so we brought it in. You’ll find their classic Mush II flip flops (everyone needs a pair… or two), women’s Owowahu flips, as well as supportive sandals for summer adventures, and lightweight multi-sport shoes that are great for water activities!

Salomon Footwear – we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about our new trail running collection from Salomon shoes – brights colors and solid sole construction bring our friends back for more. These door-to-trail shoes can be worn casually or on your spring hikes & runs. Stop in and check out their technical features and try a pair on for yourself.

Patagonia Sportswear – women, we have pieces to make you melt, as well as rainwear to keep you dry & ready wherever this summer takes you. Looking for a new go-to casual dress for hitting the farmers market, or something a little classier for a wedding in July? Maybe some skinny denim to pair with a cute tank? Stop in – we think you’ll find it here. Men will find fresh new takes on summer weight tops, plaids, tee’s, board shorts, bright rainwear, and more!

Kuhl Sportswear – They never fail with their classic, lovable styles. If you’ve liked it before, you’ll like it now. Sporty and fashionable looks are on our walls from Kuhl. (Never forget their bottoms – it’s what they’re known for. We have shorts in multiple lengths, convertible pants, and their classic pants.) No more sacrificing comfort for looks – they do both.

Swimwear – it’s here, and it’s not just for swimming laps! We have a variety of cuts for women; from sporty racerback, classic bikini, or tankini tops, with bottoms in shapes that will work for you. Patagonia and PrAna have patterns & colors you ladies will love. Men will be comfortable in stretch board shorts from Patagonia, too!

Dakine Handbags – classic styles, quilted fronts, artist collections, laptop bags, and more! Find the right purse for you in our variety of shapes & styles. Complete your outfit or be ready for your summer trip with the best accessories for looks and function.

Buff Headbands –  If you’ve worn em you’ve loved em. The original multifunction headwear can be worn in 16 different ways. Not just for winter – our lightweight UV protective bands are perfect for summer sports & activities. Worn as bike helmet liners, sweat bands, or hair bands, these Buffs will help you perform to your max.

And this is just a sample! As always, our summer store is stocked with:

Bikes, helmets & accessories
Kayaks, paddles & vests
Wakeboard & waterskis, wake surfs, knee boards, tubes, vests, ropes & gloves
Tennis racquets, shoes, bags, accessories & apparel
Tents, sleeping bags, hiking packs, camping accessories & food
Disc Golf discs, baskets, bags, and frisbees
Sun protection lotions and sprays for every activity
Water bottles & hydration packs
Summer games & toys, sunglasses, jewelry and gadgets
… and there’s always something extra. 🙂

Pocket Disc Games


Pocket Discs, Soft Footballs & Swirl Balls, and Foot Bags now in stock in our Wausau store!!

Pick up a Pocket Disc and it’s pretty obvious that it can be used for just about anything. (I think that was a challenge: make a list of all the things it can be used for.)

Here are a couple of games Pocket Disc recommends, but the best part is: you can make up all the games you want!


If you know how to play Frolf, then you get the idea, but this is indoors.

Standard Rules

  1. Set up your holes around the house (9 or 18).
  2. Holes can be:
    • existing objects, such as ceiling fans, TV, chairs
    • hooks made specifically for iGolf.
  3. Each player starts with their own Phd.
  4. Players rotate who is the First Thrower at each new hole.
  5. The First Thrower for each hole defines:
    • the starting throwing location
    • whether throwers have to touch the hole with their Phd (Touch hole) or get their Phd to land on the hole (Land-on hole).
  6. For Land-on holes, players remove their Phd from the hole once they get it to land on the hole.
  7. Holes can be either Straight shot or Blind:
    • For “straight shot” holes you are throwing from the same position until you hit the hole.
    • For “blind holes” you throw from the spot where your previous throw landed.
  8. Score by counting the number of throws needed to hit or land on the hole. (3 throws on a hole scores a 3; there is no “par”)
  9. Winner at end of the round has the lowest total score.
  10. For a tie on a particular hole the First Thrower on the next hole is the person who has not been First Thrower for longest time.

iGolf Variations

  1. Winner throws . . . . The winner of the previous hole gets to be the first thrower on the next hole.
  2. As you go . . . . there are no predefined holes. The First Thrower makes up the hole and any special rules for that hole.
  3. Land-on Bonus . . . . For a hole where throwers are just hitting the hole, you can subtract two points from your total score if you get your Phd to land on the hole.
  4. All Blind . . . . Set up throwing positions for all holes so that you can’t see the hole from the first throw spot. (You’ll need a spotter in case someone hits the hole from the first throw spot.)
  5. 3 D . . . . Each player has up to 3 different Phd’s in their bag, which they can use interchangeably through the game.
  6. Duck Hunting rules . . . . one or more players can use their Phd’s to knock the thrower’s Phd out of the air to prevent it from hitting or landing on the hole.

Want something else? Here are a few other game recommendations:

Duck Huntin’

Phd – Peacefully hunting ducks. This is a test of your marksmanship which leaves no creature harmed. The object is to knock the ducks — Pocket Discs — from the sky with your own Pocket Disc. Good for both indoors or outdoors.

Pocket Disc Bowling

Line up 10 cups and knock ’em down. Keep score as you would in bowling.

Ceiling Fan Tetherball

Turn the fan off and turn on the frenzied madness. Throw the Pocket Discs at the blades so the fan turns towards your opponent, while your opponent is throwing from the opposite direction to spin the fan the other way. Works great with multiple Pocket Discs but should not be played with more than 2 players.

Bounce and Toss

Best with trampolines with a safety net. Tricks, diving catches, and more laughs with your kids than you can imagine.

Perfect Helicopter Descent

Call your shot and land it. Best when played as a Peaceful Hibernation Depriver – your buddy’s asleep and won’t stir. . . field day – steak on the eye, yamulka shot, the medallion, icing the knee, the cup, the list goes on and on.

Ceiling Fan 500

Spread out around the room, toss a Pocket Disc in the fan and hope it zings your way so you can snag it before your opponent does. Be sure to cover up or protect any delicate items in the room.

Monkey in the Middle

Just like it sounds, but if the Pocket Disc hits the ground the monkey switches with person who made the error, not always the thrower. Great on the trampoline.

Juggle Tossing

One Pocket Disc per person. Toss it to your person and look quick b/c one’s coming your way. Make the pair, triangle, square, etc as close or far as you like.


Toss it as close to the ceiling as you can without touching it. You must catch it to have the toss count.

William Tell

Ever read Caps for Sale with your kids? Stack em high on your head and your buddy tries to knock em off.

Jamb Jam

Try to get the Pocket Disc to slide under the crack in the door when its shut. Careful, avoid a traffic jam.

Pillow Catch

Get a pillow and hold it out in front of you. Your friend gets 20 Pocket Discs and throws them to the player with the pillow with the goal of catching as many as possible on the pillow. Players should stand about 15 feet apart, and the thrower throws the discs in rapid fire. Ellie holds the world record, catching 15 discs on one pillow.

PATAGONIA: New at Shep’s!

Shep’s is now offering Patagonia!!

We’re happy to be Central Wisconsin’s Patagonia dealer! Stop on in and see the summer pieces of Patagonia we have for men and women (and start gearing up for their winter line coming in the fall)! This environmentally-friendly company delivers products you can feel good about purchasing, and feel good wearing. You’ll find the performance you demand with the looks you love.

We’re sure you’ll like what you see.


KUHL: Now in at Shep’s!

We’re excited to announce that Shep’s is officially a Kuhl clothing dealer!

We just received & put out boxes and boxes of sportswear for men and women. Their active wear is comfortable, great looking, great fitting, and perfect for a variety of activities. In their summer collection, you’ll find especially lightweight, breathable fabrics, with a ton of stretch, wicking, and sun protection. (It’s great looking sportswear that performs. Awesome.)

You can see a few photos of things we have in stock in this album, but visit the store to see the whole selection.