Natural, Organic Fragrance = Perfect for the Outdoor Lady In Your Life

Skylar is a brand of natural perfumes that you can feel great about spritzing. The name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day – airy, natural, and beautiful. But perfume, in an Outdoor Store? To that we say, yes!

  • Clean modern scents that are unique, light, and never overpowering.
  • Natural ingredients, free of paragons and toxic chemicals.
  • Hypoallergenic, skin-safe and non-irritating.
  • Cruelty-free. Vegan and never tested on animals.

These are commitments that are in line with what we support here at Shepherd & Schaller, with our selection of organic fabric garments, recycled and fair trade items and love of the environment. Fragrance is an awesome gift or treat to yourself, and the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.

The cherry-on-top is the ability to layer Skylar scents. Begin by taking their quiz here to see which fragrance will suit you best.

Skylar cares about your health AND the health of our environment and animal friends. They make ingredient and packaging choices that keep the Earth (and our friendly animals) in mind. Dual-purpose packaging, renewable resources, recyclable packing materials – Mother Earth is pleased.Additionally, they do all manufacturing here in the U.S. and are proud to partner with ethical and eco-friendly suppliers.

When you care about the Outdoors, it’s part of your Indoors too. Luumi can help.

The outdoor lifestyle is more than a trend at Shepherd & Schaller, where recycling and repurposing is in our soul. Maybe you’ve visited our home in an 1800s building, seen our cozy sales floor decorated with historic artifacts and sporting gear, a current trend yet a style we’ve always embraced. Waste not, want not!

The “trend” toward a conscious effort to choose products that respect the earth and all of us living here, while simplifying your home and outdoor lifestyle is one we really get behind. So, alongside the organic and recycled fabrics and transparent supply chains and certified Faire Trade things in our clothing department, check out these for your home and lifestyle when you visit us in downtown Wausau:

Luumi Silicone Storage – Yes!

Silicone is made from sand, not plastic. And LUUMI products are made with 100% platinum silicone – the cleanest form there is. Your body will thank you. The planet will thank you.

Perfect for almost any kind of food. It’s dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. It even makes a great sous-vide cooking utensil, where you immerse food in warm water. Luumi silicone is found in green-conscious homes everywhere. Come check out the straws, bags, bowls and lids we stock.

100% platinum silicone lets you leave the bad out and keep the good in.

Bye, Bye Winter 2019!

Winter Blow Out Sale is going on NOW in our downtown Wausau Store!

  • up to 70% off winter jackets and pants for the whole family
  • up to 50% off boots, shoes, mittens and gloves
  • at least 30% off sportswear you’ll be excited to wear today and next year.
  • 25% off remaining goggles and helmets
  • Pre-Season pricing (the lowest of the year) on ski and snowboard packages
  • Deep discounts on a’la carte ski boots, skis, bindings and poles
  • These discounts are in our downtown Wausau store. Some key items are available at these low prices on our website:

Spring skiing is the BEST and with the record snow this season the slopes at Granite Peak will remain open well into our short local spring season. So why not check out our end-of-season prices on ski equipment? Really, why not?

Growing kids? Tired of wearing the same winter jacket every day for six long months? Why not check out our end-of-season prices on outerwear for the family? Really, why not?

Ski Tuning and Repairs are rolling through our ski shop alongside our busy-as-always bike repair shop. Because the gear you love to use needs TLC.

Are you just saying No to winter? Leaving on a jet plane? Spring clothes and sandals are ready and waiting for your beach vacation. Kayaks, wakeboards, paddle boards and camping gear will be out soon. And you can shop sale price bikes right now.

It’s all good weather to us, as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary at Wausau’s Outdoor Store.

324 Scott Street, Downtown Wausau. 715-845-5432

What does a bike nut look like? Meet Brad.

Bet you were thinking about nuts and bolts.  Sorry, we’re thinking about one of our resident cyclists.


Meet Brad. Brad would live on a bike if he could.

(His wife and new sweet baby girl would probably have an issue with that, so he doesn’t!).

He loves to mountain bike. It’s his favorite hobby. He loves the freedom. He loves the challenge. He loves the dirt!

And in the winter, he loves fat tire biking.

When temperatures drop and snow falls, a lot of people give up on doing the things they love to do outdoors. Not Brad. He puts the mountain bike away and gets out the fat tire bike instead. The thrill of riding a bike on snow is unlike anything else. The silence. The whiteness. The feeling of taking on nature in her winter cloak.

Fat tire bikes, with an off-road frame and oversized tires and rims, are designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, like snow, sand, bogs and mud.  His fat bike gives Brad the opportunity to continue his favorite hobby in Central Wisconsin’s winter wonderland at Nine Mile Forest or the Underdown in Gleason (to name a few.)  No amount of snow is going to stop him! He says it also teaches him better handling skills for summer mountain biking.

Within the Wausau area, his other favorite places to ride are the Big Eau Pleine in Mosinee, the Ringle Trails (obviously in Ringle) and the Prairie Dells, also in Gleason. All of these locations are groomed and are within a 30-mile radius of Wausau.

Fat tire biking is extremely popular for a lot of reasons, including that you can continue to enjoy the simplicity of just you and your bike through the winter season.  Need another?  You can burn up to 1,500 calories an hour in soft snow (what a great workout, and because it’s not weight-bearing you can recover a lot faster than some other traditional workouts.)   

Brad may not be a bike nut after all.

So come into Shepherd & Schaller and talk to Brad and to our other bike nuts.  Ask questions.  Tell us your biking stories, the nuttier the better.  And while you’re here check out our Scott and Raleigh bikes.

Warranty Service at Shepherd & Schaller

You slipped on a banana peel and ripped your pants when you fell. It took a lot of tries to master that Half Cab Mute Grab and you have a cracked ski edge to show for it. Your daughter shut the car door on your new jacket and now the zipper is broken. Oops! That’s ok, you’ll get a new one under warranty, right?

Sorry, you likely won’t. But if said pants, jacket or ski has a manufacturer’s defect in materials or workmanship within a limited time period it’s a different story. The good news is we’ll help you through the processes of requesting warranty repair or replacement. Another benefit of shopping at Shep’s!

Visit your manufacturer’s website for their warranty details and limitations. Here’s an outline of the process here at Shepherd & Schaller.: