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It’s another big day at as we launch our huge selection of warm-weather gear from our Water Sports, Bike, Camping, Kayak and Tennis departments.  Your place to shop Shep’s, 24/7 just got even better.  Haven’t checked in for a while? Now’s the time!

We’re excited to show you our new site and store. You’ll see that it’s a place to find local information, store events, information about equipment rentals, and more; as well as a place to shop for your favorite outdoor gear at any moment of any day.

We’ve made it easy. You’ll be able to purchase products online to be picked up in the store, or have your shopping cart shipped directly to you. Because we know there aren’t many things more convenient than shopping in your living room, we’ve searched for the best products at the best prices, and included them on We’re excited to serve customers all over the US with the same family-owned-ski-shop-love that has kept our business flying since 1949. Join us in the journey to live well, enjoying the outdoors we love.

Click around & get acquainted with our new “home”. Then just for fun, stick around & shop after hours.

Please note: If you’re looking for an item but don’t see it at, please call our Downtown Wausau store at 715-845-5432.


 Web Store Customer Service can be reached at:

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Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (excluding holidays)

 Use this contact information for calls & questions specific to the online store.

Downtown Wausau store hours and contact information remain the same:

715-845-5432 or

Monday/Thursday/Friday 9am-8pm

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 Use this contact information for general store questions, product questions, and local inquiries.

New at Shep’s – Thursday Night Education Classes!!

Interested in becoming more active, but don’t know where to start? Feeling a bit underprepared for that upcoming family camping trip? Shep’s is here to help! Starting this month, we will be offering free in-store educational classes covering a wide range of outdoor activities. Whether you are interested in persuing a new hobby or training for that special race, our classes are sure to help provide you with tons of useful information and answers to all your outdoor activity related questions. Be sure to watch our blog for coming announcements for future classes!

Upcoming Clinic: The Beginner Triathlete 07-26-12 @ 6:30pm

Our resident triathlon guru Seppy will be leading our first outdoor education class on Thursday, July 26th at 6:30pm. With over five years racing experience, Seppy has competed at all triathlon distances and has a wealth of knowledge to pass along. This class will give an overview to the sport of triathlon, discuss the different race distances, examine all three disciplines (swim, bike, run), privide detailed gear checklists needed to complete your first race, and race day strategies. You’re a hands on learner you say? No problem! Swim, bike, and run gear will be on hand for you to check out.  As a special bonus, all in attendance will receive 10% off one bike, run, or swim accessory, and one lucky attendee will walk away with a free prize!  Hope to see you there.

Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods.    324 Scott Street.     Downtown Wausau.

SUPs – Getting Started

What It Is

Maybe you’ve been hearing about SUPs, (Stand Up Paddle Boards).. they’re gaining popularity quickly. There are a number of reasons for the wide spread interest, one main one being versatility in the sport. Kids, parents, athletes and relaxed beach-goers alike find a good time atop a SUP.

Whether your trip out paddling is a time for relaxing, full of adventure, or a great workout depends on where you go and what you’re setting out for. You control your experience (well, unless you’re on raging waters). You put into it what you want, and sometimes a smooth, relaxing venture is just what you need. : )

What You Need

Get this: you need a SUP and a paddle! Besides that, we suggest playing it safe and always wearing a PFD. We also know the benefits to wearing the right clothing, so we like to recommend swimwear (for days on the water when you’re participating in all sorts of water activities), wet suits when the air or water is cold, or fast drying, wicking performance wear to keep you cool and dry. Sun protection is a biggie too.

After gathering those things, all you need is to get going!

How You Do It

Carry the SUP under your arm or on top of your head and make your way to the water. Starting in shallow water makes stepping onto the board a breeze, but starting kneeling or by sitting then standing works too.

Look for the balance point, and plant your feet there. You don’t want the tail underwater, and you don’t want the nose up in the air. You’ll find a spot that allows your board to stay level.

Your feet should be about shoulder width apart, centered on the board. Be conscious about keeping your knees soft and back straight and use your hips to keep you centered. Tipping your head or shoulders dramatically will throw you off balance! Ground yourself with your hips.

Hold your adjusted paddle on one side, with your right hand on top when the paddle is on your left side, and vice versa. Be sure the blade of the paddle is all the way under water, and twist with your core to push the paddle back. Keep your strokes small until you’re comfortable. Repeat. And repeat. Change sides after every few strokes to keep yourself heading straight ahead. (You just learned the side stroke.)

You can backpaddle to turn your board, by paddling from the tail of the board to the tip. Stepping back on the board or leaning to the inside of the board will help your board pivot more, making your turn easier and faster.

These are the basics. After you get a hold of these techniques, you’ll have a feel for the board and can manage more water conditions.

What Shep’s Offers 

We’ve done our part to have all that you need to get into the sport. We have two boards to choose from, adjustable paddles, life vests, apparel, and yes, even sun screen and sun glasses!

Conquest GURU Inflatable SUP, Backpack & Pump ($799)

California Board Company 10 SIX SUP, paddle & roof rack kit ($599)

PrAna: Now at Shep’s!

Shep’s yoga selection just got even better! We’ve added PrAna to the mix!

PrAna is an attractive brand for those whose days include early morning yoga, and for those whose don’t. With performance fabrics, tailored fits, and styles ranging from sporty to earthy, their apparel is livable for a nearly any lifestyle.  Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, an athlete of another sort, or just a woman who loves to look and feel good, you’ll feel right at home in PrAna’s active or casual wear.

Check out this photo album for a preview of what’s in store.

Read PrAna’s Story:

prAna, an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit, has helped guide our actions and lift our aspirations since day one.

We started in 1992 making clothing that worked well for climbing and yoga. It turned out that the clothing worked well for lots of other passions too, so we added new products with “purpose” in mind and scoured the world for design inspiration.

We cut and sewed clothing in our garage and shipped it to customers in surplus fruit boxes gathered from the local grocery store. For hangtags, we ground up old newspapers, added essential oils and cut out the handmade paper with a pizza cutter. Our first employee slept on a hinged bed that turned into a shipping table by day.

What’s changed since then?

Not much – and a lot. We’ve grown a bunch, but most of our original employees are still here. We participate in business with like-minded folks who want to promote conservation and create positive change, which reflects the same intention as the old days, just taken up a few notches. Organic cotton, fair trade and wind power initiatives are on the short list of what we support.

We are inspired by athletes like climber Chris Sharma – who’s been with us from the beginning – and yoginis like Shiva Rea. These friends, and many of our customers, help inform our designs and keep us legit. Which is why our founder, Beaver Theodosakis, still answers customers’ letters.

Looking back, we think that the name prAna fits us pretty well. Looking ahead (because we love change), we’re excited to see what the future holds. That’s our story. We hope you like our products.

The Little Things Mean A Lot: Bike Accessories Are Necessities!

A bike is just a bike until you make it yours with accessories that serve a purpose whether you’re commuting, touring, into mountain or road riding, upgrading the safety profile or adding some serious style.

Shepherd & Schaller has the Wausau area’s largest selection of bike accessories and is trusted by athletes of all levels to select, install and service them.  Get 20% off and free installation of accessories when you buy a bike at Shep’s, or visit our website or Facebook page for coupons.  Let this list get you started thinking about ways to improve your ride:

Bags & Baskets, Bar Tape, Bottle Cages, Child Carriers, Clothing, Computers, Fenders, Gloves, Helmets, Lights, Locks, Mirrors, Pumps, Racks, Repair Stands, Saddles, Storage and Display, Tools, Tires, Trailers, Extras and more….

Add safety, performance, function and style with accessories from Shep’s!