Nordica’s Natural Foot Stance (NFS)

This week, our Nordica rep Nick stopped by the shop for a short informational clinic on all the new ski gear.  I have to say the skis and boots look fantastic, and I wanted to take a minute to pass along one really cool feature with Nordica’s ski boots.  Called Natural Foot Stance (NFS), the fit design places the user’s foot at a slight toe out stance, making it easier for users to initiate turns, experience better edge control, and have a more natural feel to the stance while in the boot.  This is one of those ideas that just makes sense, and will reward skiers of all ability levels with a better ski experience.  Very cool!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of ski boots, now is a wonderful time to stop in.  We have a great selection of boots in stock to fit skiers of all ability levels.


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Time to check your gear!

With the winter season approaching, now is a great time to check your snow sports gear for possible condition issues, damage, and repair needs.  While basic yearly tuning is crucial to keeping your equipment performing at it’s best, often conditions arise which require a bit more attention.  Below, I’ll walk you through some very common issues our repair shop sees on a regular basis.  Most problems are easily repaired for not a lot of money, and if done in a timely manner, will ensure years of worry-free enjoyment from your gear.

Base Condition

Hands down, the most common issue we encounter with downhill skis, snowboards, and cross country equipment relates to the condition of the base (the side that meets the snow). Without regular waxing, bases will dry out. Not only does this result in poor ski / board performance, it could lead to irreparable damage to the base itself. How can you tell if your base needs wax? Easy. Look at the picture below.

When bases begin to dry out, they turn a lighter gray shade and will often have a slight fuzzy feel. Sometimes, you can scrape your fingernail across the bottom and actually scrape off a thin film.  Sound familiar? Don’t worry – 9 times of out 10, a simple tune is all it takes to get your skis or board running like new. And to help prevent this, a yearly tune involving a stone grind, wax, and edge sharpen will keep your equipment performing at it’s best.

Another common problem our ski tech sees is base damage – scratches, gouges, deep cuts.  Luckily, these are easy to spot as shown here:

Most of the time, these happen through no fault of the user. Rocks are hit, skis bang into each other during a fall, or kids try to ski across the driveway in June. But like dried out bases, most base damage can be repaired for a relatively small fee. Not only does this repair help the performance of your gear, it prevents any damage to the core of the ski or board by sealing out moisture. If you discover any base damage, it’s best to get in into our shop as soon as possible.

While not as common, damage can occur to the edges of your gear. This too happens from inadvertently running over debris, other skis, etc, and is often a fairly simply fix. If the damage is too severe, as in the example below, the ski or board may not be 100% fixable. Still, our repair shop will inspect and fix the issue to the best of our ability to ensure safety and performance standards.

Top sheet Damage

Don’t forget about the top of your skis or board. Like the bases, top sheets are easily damaged and can lead to permanent damage if not promptly repaired. While these issues are fairly easy to spot as shown below, regular inspection of your gear is highly recommended.


We see de-lamination with skis and boards that frequent the parks, and it’s often a result of blunt force to the tip / tail of the equipment.  While this damage often means the end of your ski or board, catching the problem early might save the day.  If not severe, our shop tech is able to repair this damage and hopefully extend the life of your gear.

Boots and Bindings

Just like your favorite sneakers, with time, ski / snowboard boots simply wear out. While they may still fit like a dream, continued use on worn out gear is not only risky, it’s downright unsafe. Here’s what to look for:

1. Worn or damaged ski boot bases. This either occurs from years of clipping in and out of bindings, as well as years of walking through parking lots, around ski resorts, and through the snack bar. When the tip and tail of your bases become worn and rounded, your bindings are unable to securely hold your boots in place while skiing. This can result in untimely and surely unwanted releases from your binding while skiing, and can also result in injury.

2. Broken buckles. It just happens. The good news is we are usually able to fix snowboard bindings in store while you wait. The not so good news is that downhill boots are often a bit more difficult to repair. Still, if you find yourself with a broken boot, bring it in for us to have a look. We’ll do our best to get your gear fixed up and back on the slopes as fast as possible.

3.  Damaged or bent bindings.  By comparing your left binding to the right and vice versa, you should be able to spot any damaged or bent parts.  Further, if one binding is behaving differently then the other (engaging with less or more force, releasing early, or not holding the boot firmly), it’s time to have us take a look.  Remember that we are only legally allowed to work on bindings that are of a certain age or newer, so if you purchased your skis and bindings when Abba’s “Dancing Queen” was topping the Top 40 charts, it might be time for an upgrade.

If you do discover any problems and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (715-845-5432) or bring your gear in.  We offer free shop estimates / inspections, and will do our best to get your gear returned to you as fast as possible.  Also, be sure to ask one of our team members about preventative maintenance as well – often, most of the conditions mentioned above can be easily avoided with minimal yearly maintenance.

2012 Bike BLOWOUT at Shep’s!

On now is a deal you will not want to miss. We’re blowing out 2012 Diamondback Sorrentos (for men) and Lustre 2s (for women). Retail prices on these bikes are $330, and they’re worth every penny. But NOW at Shep’s, pick up one of these brand new 2012 models for $199.99. 

Women’s Diamondback Lustre 2. SALE PRICE: $199.99!
Men’s Diamondback Sorrento. SALE PRICE: $199.99!

Below are the technical features you want to know about. Come to the shop to take one for a spin & leave with the best bargain of the summer.

Frame: DB 6061-T6 heat-treated / butted aluminum w/ gusset, replaceable hanger
Fork: Trail XC w/Alloy crown 60mm travel
Headset: Threadless Ahead 1 1/8″
Front Derailleur: Shimano Tourney
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Altus 7spd
Shifters: Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 7spd
Rims: 32h Weinmann XC260 Doublewall
Brakes: Tektro Alloy Linear
Color: Black

Sorry online store friends, this bike sale is currently only available for purchase in our Downtown Wausau store.

Shop Online at Shep’s!

It’s another big day at as we launch our huge selection of warm-weather gear from our Water Sports, Bike, Camping, Kayak and Tennis departments.  Your place to shop Shep’s, 24/7 just got even better.  Haven’t checked in for a while? Now’s the time!

We’re excited to show you our new site and store. You’ll see that it’s a place to find local information, store events, information about equipment rentals, and more; as well as a place to shop for your favorite outdoor gear at any moment of any day.

We’ve made it easy. You’ll be able to purchase products online to be picked up in the store, or have your shopping cart shipped directly to you. Because we know there aren’t many things more convenient than shopping in your living room, we’ve searched for the best products at the best prices, and included them on We’re excited to serve customers all over the US with the same family-owned-ski-shop-love that has kept our business flying since 1949. Join us in the journey to live well, enjoying the outdoors we love.

Click around & get acquainted with our new “home”. Then just for fun, stick around & shop after hours.

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