How about a hug and a little support?

What feels better than a hug when you’re overwhelmed, working hard, not at your best? Therapeutic socks are a little bit of luxury that you’ll agree is really a necessity after you try them.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

Compression and therapeutic socks have been reinvented by the good people at Sockwell who spin innovative technology with fresh, modern styling for a lifestyle look and the good people at Wausau’s Shepherd & Schaller stock them for you! The collection offers a variety of solutions including graduated compression, plantar fasciitis relief, bunion relief, relaxed fit/diabetic friendly, sport compression, and everyday essential comfort socks.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

Loved by teachers, nurses, medical professionals and expectant moms for minimizing swelling, and reducing fatigue. Savvy travelers always have a pair of graduated compression socks in their bag for long trips, when relief from prolonged sitting and standing is essential. All Lifestyle Compression socks feature moderate (15-20 mmHg) or firm (20-30 mmHg) graduated compression technology in signature Fine Merino Wool/Bamboo blend.

Performance socks are always Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Shepherd & Schaller, Wausau, WI

The  sport line ranges from micros, quarters and crews to over the calf, providing moderate and firm compression and graduated compression options. Perfect for hiking, running, walking, cycling, skiing, and general exercise, athletes love the Sport Compression line because it helps to energize their step, recover quickly, and minimize swelling.

Solution-based socks soothe and comfort sensitive feet. Whether suffering from plantar fasciitis or bunions, or in need of a relaxed fit/diabetic friendly product, the Relief Solutions line provides technology tailored to protect, support, and pamper sensitive feet. See the full line at and shop or visit Shep’s in downtown Wausau, WI.

In addition to Sockwell, you’ll find socks by Darn Tough and other premium brands at Shepherd & Schaller. Always By 3 Get 1 Free, socks are a perfect gift of luxury and performance.

How to put on a compression sock

13 Gifts Under $30

Remember, it’s the little things that matter most during the holiday season.

Coworker treats, stocking stuffers, secret santa, a little something for your favorite barista at your coffee shop, and more. Don’t forget all the people on your list that can use a little pick-me-up this holiday season with these simple gifts that work for everyone.


Manzella Hybrid Ultra Touchtip Outdoor Gloves For Men

You can never go wrong with commuter gloves! Going outside to get the mail, start your car, take your dog on a walk, you name it, these are perfect! And the best part?! Save the hands from the bitter cold but still have all the functionality to use your phone, it’s a win-win!


Sale Price: $16.99


Gordini Fall Line Mitten For Women

Give the gift of warm hands this holiday season, she’ll love you for it!

Why this mitten? Well, you can’t beat the price. Also it’s waterproof, windproof, breathable, stick-grip fingers, wrap caps & thumb with digital grip! Need I say more?!


Sale Price: $26.99



Hats, Hats, and More Hats!!

You can NEVER have enough hats! I always said that I need one for every outfit, sometimes I want warm hats, sometimes I want dressy hats, big pom, no pom? I just always need more hats! And I know I’m not the only one, so when in doubt, grab a hat!




Sale Price: $9.99+




Terramar Ecolator Base Layers (Long Underwear)

Cold people are not happy people, so lets keep everyone happy and warm! These pieces are versatile enough to be worn as an outer or inner layer which makes these base layers the perfect top and bottom for any man, woman, or child.












Sale Price: $27.99




SE 3 Watt Headlamp

Runners, hunters, bikers, and nighttime lovers. This is the gift for them! It’s lightweight, adjustable, and it’s bright! 120 lumens to be exact. There will never be a dull moment again with this awesome stocking stuffer!

Sale Price: $4.50


Oakley E-Frame Goggle

We all know that one person. You know, the one that can never have enough snowboard or ski gear. Watch them jump for joy when they open this gift! Not only will they be the most stylish person on the hill but they’ll think of you every time they ride!





Sale Price: $29.99



Patagonia Tech Web Belt

There’s something about these belts that everyone loves. Maybe the awesome colors it comes in? Most likely the fact that it keeps everyone from seeing your underwear AND opens your beer bottles! WHAT?! Yes! You heard me, it opens your beer! So, if you were looking for any college kid, beer lover, tailgater, or just anyone in general, your search is over because this is your answer!











Sale Price: $29.99





Hydroflask 18oz. Standard Mouth Bottle

Once you go to an insulted water bottle, you never go back! Whether you’re out enjoying the warm sunny day on a boat ride, keeping your hot cocoa warm in the middle of winter, or trying not to spill all over yourself while doing some mountain biking, this is the perfect solution.

Sale Price: $29.99


Spacecraft Beer Can Glass

So these are just super cool!

Drink more of your favorite cold (or warm) beverages out of these custom Spacecraft glasses. Each glass features two engraved logos and holds 16oz of your favorite drink. Comes in a 4 pack limited edition box!






Sale Price: $19.99



Smartwool Socks

When in doubt, buy socks!

It’s time to relax with ample cushion, a soft Merino blend, a Virtually Seamless toe, and a decorative design to match any style. Your feet will stay happy all day, whether you’re playing cards, walking the lakeshore, or cozying up to the fireplace.

Sale Price: $20-$25


Outdoor Research Sensor Dry Pocket

Do you know someone who has a tendency to forget their phone in their pocket and jumps in the water with it? Maybe someone who does a lot of fishing, boating, hiking, camping, or vacationing? Help keep their gadgets safe and dry in the boat or on the trail. It protects touch-screen devices from the elements while still allowing for their use through its clear, waterproof, touch-sensitive window. The clear window wraps around to accommodate your devices’ camera lens.





Sale Price: $24



Dakine Micro Lock

We’re back to that person who can never have enough snowboard or ski gear! Are you ever on the hill and see someone carrying their gear with them everywhere they go? It’s probably because they are worried someone will take their awesome new skis or snowboard! Help them eliminate the worry and enjoy the atmosphere in peace with the Dakine Micro Lock.

Sale Price: $13


Patagonia Trucker Hat

Last but surely not least! The trucker hat we all know and love. Whether they’re out exploring or just going grocery shopping, this hat fixes any bad hair day!










Sale Price: $29





Happy Holidays from the Shep’s Crew!

If You Can Walk, You Can Snowshoe!

Put one foot in front of the other.  It’s that easy!

Snowshoeing is a great way to make an adventure of your daily walk by adding aerobic benefits and perhaps a change of scenery.  According to SIA-Snow Sports Industries of America-snow shoeing burns 45% more calories than walking at the same speed.  And you’ll be able to walk where you usually couldn’t before!  It is also a great way to make light of woodsy work, like getting to your hunting stand or wood-making location.  Snow Shoes are highly maneuverable, allowing you to go places cross country skiers and snowmobilers can’t.

All modern snow shoes have a strong aluminum frame, durable material for flotation, a stainless steel crampon or cleat and bindings that accept all types of boots. All of the manufacturer’s we stock at Shepherd & Schaller offer bindings that are flexible enough to accommodate most any footwear.  We like to recommend a light-weight hiking boot or shoe (which we have for sale in the store, if you’re without a pair).  While you can generally use any winter boot you have in the closet, your super-heavy hunting boots would likely spoil the advantages your show shoes provide.  The lighter you are on your feet, the better.

Redfeather snowshoes are made in LaCrosse, Wisconsin! Get them and other brands at Shepherd & Schaller.

What kinds of snowshoes do you need?  That depends on your goals.  There are three types of snowshoes available: Recreational Hiking, Aerobic/Fitness and Hiking/Backpacking.  Snowshoes are fit to your weight.  Remember to consider if you’ll be carrying something heavy, like a chainsaw.

Recreational hiking snowshoes are a basic selection and are perfect for first-timers. Usually, these snowshoes work best on simple terrain that doesn’t require a lot of steep climbing or descents. These are best for most of our customers who want to enjoy winter casually and recreationally.

Snowshoes for aerobic/fitness are best suited for those who are active snowshoers – like runners and cross-trainers. This type of snowshoe has a very sleek design and is generally tougher and lighter than most available.

If you’re shoeing in powder and are more experienced, purchasing a pair of hiking/backpacking snowshoes is your ticket. These are as tough as they come.

Do you need anything else?  Yes.  1.  Poles (adjustable trekking poles are probably the best, but you can use your cross country poles too.)  2.  Appropriate apparel.  Wear the same thing you would for cross country skiing or running.   This is an aerobic activity and you will work up a sweat so moisture moving light or mid-weight base layers under a softshell jacket or other light jacket work works well for most people.  Your ski or snowboard pants will work, but they will be “noisy” and warm compared to the pants runners and x-c skiers wear.  Lighter gloves or mittens and hat are good choices too.  Don’t forget lip balm and sunscreen.

Where to go?  In central Wisconsin mother nature provides a wonderful variety of locations suitable for snowshoeing.  Start at your local park, visit a bike trail (rail trails are great, they are flat and wide!), call and check with golf courses, or head to state parks like Rib Mountain in Wausau. You can even check out the river’s edge for a beautiful setting (keeping safety in mind of course).  Only a few inches of snow on the ground make for a great outing.

Put a granola bar in your pocket, strap on a hydration pack or water bottle and have fun!

Shepherd & Schaller has every snowshoe in stock on sale.  Adult prices start at $79.99.  Kids start at $59.99.  Call for more information 715/845-5432.