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Shop 2017 Wausau Ski Swaps to Save at Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods

Bring your 2017 ski swap sales receipt to Shep’s for discounted pricing on the necessary ski binding adjustments and ski tunes when you present your swap sales receipt in store within one week of purchase.

Shep’s provides the swaps with not only a bulk of their used and new ski equipment inventory, but also expert staff to answer technical questions about equipment and provide advice about proper fit.  These great local groups are the heart and personality of our local ski scene.  Get involved.  Make new friends and take your skiing to the next level!

Granite Peak Ski Team Swap is Oct 7, 2017 at Granite Peak.

Rib Mountain Ski Club Swap is Nov 4, 2017 at Marathon Park

Wausau Nordic Ski Swap is Nov 4, 2017 at Marathon Park.



Summer Storage Hot Wax Special

Summer Storage Wax Banner 2015

It’s that time of year… time to take your last couple runs then pack your favorite gear away for the summer. Before you do, be sure to give your bases a little love with a hot wax. Our summer storage wax starts the same way as an ordinary hot wax, but instead of scraping the wax, we’ll leave it on for the summer so you can be sure your bases are protected. In the fall, we’ll take it off and you’ll be set to ride! This special offer is good through the month of April, so bring ’em down as soon as you can.

Ski Tunes: They Make a Difference

So what is involved in the “Tune” that makes such a difference in how your skis look, feel and perform?  Read on:

1.  Inspection:  The top, base and edges are wiped clean of any dirt, solvents, and excess wax.  Then the ski / board is inspected for any damage.

2.  Base Repair:  Any nicks, gouges, or core shots are repaired and filled with base repair material.  (This service is an extra charge- not everyone needs it.)

3.  Base Grinding:  The ski/board is then run across the stone grinder to remove any minor damage and make the base flat and true. In doing so, tiny cuts are ground off and the base becomes true and flat. The base becomes able to absorb wax and the structures created aid in gliding. This new structure also helps prevent suction and friction between base and snow. Your ski / board glides better and accomplishes the transition from edge to edge more easily. In addition, different temperatures and snow conditions require different structures – only the technician knows the right formula.

4.  Edge Grinding:  Most ski and board edges are “bevelled” between 0 and 2 degrees and a continuous smooth surface is created. The WINTERSTEIGER machine is able to reproduce this exact edge for ultimate carving performance on the hill.

5.  Waxing:  The last step in tuning is hot waxing. Hot wax impregnates the base, protects against damage and improves the gliding and turning properties of skis and boards.  Professional level waxing is a 4-step process in itself.  Shep’s offers a full line of Swix waxes from rub-on Universal F4 to Cera F (which World Cup racers know is not actually a wax, but 100% fluorinated carbons) as well as brushes, files, stones, vices, tables and everything you need for at-home touch-ups in between your professional services.

6.  Hot Box:  Shep’s Swix Hot Box is used by top level competitors and serious recreational skiers and riders to prepare equipment for top level performance. Warm air at a constant temperature allows wax to penetrate and saturate base material for the ultimate in base protection and glide capabilities.  Hot Box wax service can be added to any Tune purchase for an additional fee.  Visit our Repair page for current pricing.

Ski or board tuning should only be carried out by a WINTERSTEIGER trained technician who understands your requirements. Unprofessional tuning can have negative effects and spoil your fun in skiing or snowboarding. Although manual tuning is possible, WINTERSTEIGER  guarantees perfect bases and exact edges.

Regular ski / board tuning keeps your equipment in top shape and guarantees each run you take down the hill brings more enjoyment for you!