Smartwool Socks Buy Three, Get One FREE

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. But we have the perfect gift idea: Smartwool socks!

Buy three, and get the fourth FREE. Lifestyle socks. Ski socks. Biking socks. Running socks. Kids socks. Choose from thousands.  We’re not kidding.  Bright colors, fun patterns, lots of padding, a little padding.  What they all have in common is merino wool.  Visit us in Downtown Wausau and we’ll tell you all about the special sheep and special construction that makes these socks so smart.  Mix and match and take the fourth home free when you buy three.  Sale ends — never!  We always offer Buy 3 Get 1 Free.  But selection is best through the holidays.

Smartwool prides themselves in making products you will love, and that will support all of your adventures. Their socks are made from ethically sourced merino wool. Merino wool is popular because of its warmth relative to weight. Not only do Smartwool socks serve their purpose and function, but they also feel great as well. Each fiber naturally helps regulate body temperature, transports sweat away as a vapor, and cancels out odors (they tested it themselves).Once you’ve tried Smartwool socks, you may not want any other type of sock on your feet! Stop by Shepherd and Schaller to shop our hundreds of Smartwool options!

Smartwool by the Thousands!

We know our friends wait patiently for our mega-shipments of Smartwool to arrive, and we’re happy to say that for those of you waiting for SOCKS, your wait is over!!!

Just arrived: thousands of your favorite comfortable, cozy, dry, warm, odorless, fast drying, antimicrobial socks for everyone in the family – the newborn to the grandpa. You’ll see colors, stripes, flowers, argyle, dots, cable knit, and more. Run or hike socks, ski & snowboard socks, lifestyle socks, women’s tights, and MORE!

Stop in and stock up while options in your size are plenty! See you (and your chilly feet) soon!

Here's a peek of what goes on in our back room when Smartwool gets here. Whew!
Here’s a peek of what goes on in our back room when Smartwool gets here. Whew!

Shep’s Team at the Wausau24

Last weekend, our shop staff hung out at Wausau24 at Nine Mile Recreation Area. While it’s known for the 24-hour race, there are 24 different classes to compete in, including 6 or 12 hour options with single, duo, or team combinations.

Our staff guys put together a 4 person men’s team and dominated the 24 hours before them. From 10am on Saturday until 10am on Sunday, they rode 20 consecutive eleven-mile loops.

Way to go, guys!

(A big thank you to Smartwool for co-sponsoring our team! This 24 hour ride was the true test for their gear – the guys stayed comfortable, dry & blister free; looked sharp, and didn’t stink!)



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Back to Campus Must Haves

Did your stomach drop when you saw the school supplies going up in stores all over town?  As crazy as it seems, the time has come. Now’s the time to make your shopping list and get going… move-in day and the first day of classes will be here before we know it!
Luckily, Shep’s has your must haves for heading back to campus. Grab them before you go.
What’s your look going to be this fall?
(Guys, we’ll set you up, too. :)) All these items are in stock at Shep’s. Come on down & make your statement this fall.