Take A Closer Look

Take a closer look.


Are you seeing what you thought you’d see?  Did we peak your interest?  Do you want to see more?

Merchandise.  Displays.  Promotions.  Events.  We continue to mix things up at Shepherd & Schaller, where today “Sports For All Seasons” means something different to you and to us, than it did in the 1950’s, 1980’s, 2000’s and even last season!  When things change it’s good to take a closer look.  GA7A0417-Edit

Right now we’re all about skiing and snow sports, biking, hiking, paddling, yoga, disc golf, footwear, outerwear and sportswear for the trendy, smart Athleisure lifestyle we all embrace.  But you’ll also find handbags, home decor, skincare and unique products that compliment your active outdoor lifestyle.  Surprised?  When was the last time you experienced honest expert customer service, fun decor and cool technical products – all in one place?

Wausau’s local sports store is more than it’s ever been.  It’s time to take a closer look.


2015-16 Ski & Snowboard Demo @ Granite Peak

Curious what’s coming next? Dying to get the first look at next year’s skis & snowboards? Join us at Granite Peak on Saturday, February 28th and do just that! Chat with reps from the industry’s biggest brands and test the goods that are coming out next winter! 2015-16 gear will be available, including free ride skis, race skis, cruisers, and snowboards!

Try as much as you can between 10am-3pm at Granite Peak. We just ask for a one-time $5 donation, that we’ll put toward local ski & snowboard programs.

Curious what’s coming next? Dying to get the first look at next year’s skis & snowboards? Join us at Granite Peak on Saturday, February 28th and do just that! Chat with reps from the industry’s biggest brands and test the goods that are coming out next winter! 2015-16 gear will be available, including free ride skis, race skis, cruisers, snowboards, and even goggles!

Try as much as you can between 9am-3pm at Granite Peak. We just ask for a one-time $5 donation to be put toward local ski & snowboard programs. Register in the Lower Chalet.

Mark your calendar & get pumped up! We can’t wait to see you there.

15/16 Skis

Wausau’s Ski Shop

A trip to the mountains is every skiers dream.  Snow, Terrain, Dining, Nightlife, Shopping… Of course that includes snowboarders, ski racers, cross country ski lovers, freestylers and carvers of all kinds.  Sadly, for some of us the mountains are too far.  The good news is, if you live in the midwest and are planning a trip to the region’s #1 ski area, Granite Peak Ski Area in Wisconsin, you can enjoy the full mountain-town experience with a trip to downtown Wausau and Shepherd & Schaller.

Granite Peak Ski Area, Rib Mountain State Park, Wausau, Wisconsin

Wausau’s Ski Shop since 1949, Shep’s is known and respected by snow sports enthusiasts from throughout the midwest.  A product selection that rivals resort shops in Colorado, Utah and Vermont, a Rental shop that features new gear every season, and a back-room maintenance shop that is staffed by full-time, year-round professionals who are respected by both customers and ski gear manufacturers make Shepherd & Schaller a destination for elite athletes and newbies alike.  It’s 15,000 sq. ft. of ski lover’s shopping heaven.  It’s the place where locals find unique gifts and surprises, love to hang out, share stories, meet ski friends.  You’ll feel welcome and at home, even more than you might at elite mountain shops at much higher altitudes.

www.shepssports.com Shop live inventory, make Rental Reservations, check Repair prices.

Can’t get to town?  Shepherd & Schaller launched it’s web store in 2011, with live inventory that allows you to see the exact same product that is on the sales floor.  Obviously a great way to shop from home, many use the site to revisit items seen in the store, while making gift wish lists for birthdays or Santa.

Done skiing and shopping?  Walk a few feet and visit Malarky’s Pub for food, refreshment and live music most nights. You’ll also like City Grill, Red Eye Brewing Company, Jalapeno’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar and Back When Cafe, as well as organic groceries, cozy coffee shops along with more great specialty shopping including our favorite, Evolutions in Design, just steps from the store.


Staff Reviews: 2012-13 Equipment Preview

Last month, the boss took Shep’s managers went up to Afton to get on some of next year’s equipment. They came back excited about what the future holds in the ski and snowboard industry. They’re pumped about what they rode and what you’ll be buying and riding next year. Below you can find a few “reviews” about some of the new gear and find out what our guys’ favorites are. Feel free to stop into the store and chat about the new stuff – they’ll be happy to share their thoughts and even give you recommendations based on the performance you’re looking for.


Fischer Hybrid 85- Ski has great control under foot, nice to have flexibility of riding rocker or camber on one set of skis at the flip of a switch.

Nordica Hell & Back Burner- Light and flexible ski that offers all day performance. Keeps a great edge on groomers.

Nordica El Paco- Another great twin tip ski from Nordica. Makes it easy to shred anywhere on the mountain.  Great flex on this ski.

K2 Velocity- Very responsive groomer ski. Rocker shape makes it easy to initiate turns even at high speeds.

Volkl Kink- New all mountain ski from Volkl, versatile for all over the mountain, rad graphics.

Tony’s Favorite: Volkl Werks

Definitely my favorite ski of the day. This ski could go through anything, yet it’s still lightweight enough to ski all day. Edge control on this ski is beautiful.


Blizzard 8.0 Magnum TI- Ski had great edge hold, fast edge to edge ski.

Fischer 8.0 hybrid- 75mm under foot, felt like skiing a race ski.  Next year’s model is totally new, and allows you to switch between a raised rocker tip or cambered non rise tip.  It is like skiing two totally different skis with a flip of a switch.

Nordica Hell And Back Fuel & Hell and Back Avenger- Two different constructions on the skis, but both were a super fun ride. It’s hard to be dissatisfied with the performance of Nordica.

Rossi Experience 88- A ski that you could ski anywhere and not be disappointed.  It’s saying, “lets go experience the entire mountain and have a blast doing it.”

K2 Charger- An awesome frontside fast turning ski. With this ski, set it and forget it; the ski will do all the work.  Hold on because it will push you into the next turn! Feels like the ski is on rails.

Dane’s Favorite: Volkl Werks

It’s a brand new ski for 2012-2013.  It was the best ski I skied the entire day! Nothing this ski could not do; race course, short fast turns, long radius turns, bumps… all around the ski was unbelievable.  Volkl really knocked it out of the park with this one.


K2 Happy Hour- Clean, basic solid colored graphic, softer flexing than last year’s board. Has a good all- mountain feel.

K2 Lifelike- A very predictable and enjoyable ride.

K2 Ultra Dream- Softer all-mountain/backcountry snowboard, unique camber profile, directional board, held an amazing edge, incredibly fun in softer snow.

Burton Root- Directional version of the Burton Nug, all-mountain board with an amazing feel under foot and held great edge considering the length (board is sized down about 10cm).

K2 Turbo Dream- Little brother to the Ultra Dream.

Dan’s Favorite: Tie between the K2 Ultra Dream and Burton Root

Both were all mountain boards, liked Root because it held the edge I expected but was extremely playful. Because it was sized down 10cm w/ slightly set back stance, I was able to throw it around and it held.  Ultra Dream was super buttery and plowed through softer crud, I can only imaging how it would ride on a powder day.  Also a very stable board.

Get excited for next year’s gear!