Live Aloha in the Badger State. Olukai is at Shepherd & Schaller!

What does it mean to live “Aloha” and can you live it in the heartland?

Our search for products that accent and support your outdoor lifestyle leads us to the most amazing companies.  Brands that begin with integrity and end with generosity, tried and true midwest values.  This season our search lead us to beloved OluKai footwear, whose premium sandals and shoes compliment the sense of adventure we have here in Wausau, Wisconsin, thousands of miles from the ocean.  And so we say Yes! You can live Aloha here, and everywhere.

Our friends at OluKai explain it all:

The Aloha Spirit

While you are on the Hawaiian islands you may hear references to the “Aloha Spirit”.  This is one of the largest signs that Aloha means much more than hello/goodbye.  The Aloha spirit is what we strive for in life, and is a good guideline for treating people around you with love and compassion.

Hawaiians say the best part of Aloha is that the more you express your love and compassion for yourself and those around you, the more it comes back to you.  That is why it has become such a part of everyday language in Hawaii.  That is why people say it when greeting or saying goodbye – they want to perpetuate the feeling so that the Aloha Spirit continues throughout the day.

So we encourage you to make Aloha part of your vocabulary, but please do it knowing the true meaning, so that you can say it with significance and sincerity.

With that, we will say “Aloha” to you and your Ohana!


    We view our approach today as part of a path; a journey that started with our ancestors that have passed down stories, values, and spirit. We believe that sustainability and positive living is less about an ethos and more about the choices that you make everyday. It’s about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others.

  • b-corporation

    Certified B-Corporation
    OluKai heritage of good works stems from Hawaii’s cultural value system. Since inception we have consciously guided our business practices with the ideas of:

    Malama – by giving back to our community we support a collective effort greater than our own.

    Island sustainability – those who live where resources are inherently limited naturally adopt practices that are efficient and sustainable.

    In an effort to formalize our business practices we became a Certified B-Corporation in January 2014. We work parallel with 1,000+ other Certified B-Corporations across 33 nations and 60 industries to revive social and environmental performance standards. With our drive, we plan to create change across our communities and economies.

    To become a Certified B-Corporation, we meet the higher standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. We’ve continued to increase our B-Corporation score with the implementation of new processes and procedures, as well as continuing to reinforce our current sustainable business practices.

    OluKai makes the most impact in the following areas:

    1. Community: We are assessed on our relationship with local communities, which includes community service and charitable giving, diversity, and relationships with our business partners.
    2. Environment: We are evaluated on our environmental performance through energy usage, facilities (including manufacturing), materials and other resources. In particular, our selection of only Gold Certified tanneries to source our leather products helps to ensure we minimize waste water, use of water based cements in manufacturing helps to reduce hazardous substances, and lastly building a quality product that lasts longer helps to minimize our manufacturing footprint.
    3. Workforce: We are measured on our organization’s relationship with its workforce, which includes company culture, compensation, employee benefits, training and work environment.

    For more information on B-Corporation, please visit:
    OluKai’s B-Corporation Profile:


    The Conservation Alliance
    As a member of The Conservation Alliance, OluKai partners with others around a common purpose to protect wild places for their habitat and recreation values. We serve as a catalyst and direct our collective nature to seek out grassroots conservation plans.

    For more information on The Conservation Alliance, please visit:

  • ama-olukai

    Ama OluKai Foundation
    Founded in 2014, the Ama OluKai Foundation is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) located in the State of Hawai‘i. The Foundation partners with other committed and progressive organizations interested in the preservation of Hawaiian culture, and honors those who cultivate cultural heritage and the Aloha spirit of Hawai‘i.

    In correlation with other Hawaiian based organizations, The Foundation works to preserve land and ocean, serve our communities, and maintain the Hawaiian culture and traditions. This is conducted through targeted programs designed to explore ancestral past to present day. The Foundation provides encouragement to those who benefit from its partnerships to carry forward the spirit of giving for future generations.

    For more information on The Ama OluKai Foundation, please visit:

School’s Out for Summer!

Yes! School is finally out!

Wait. Now what?

We all know the feeling. So much excitement goes into the last weeks of school; countdowns are on and everyone is ready for summer vacation. But what happens three days later isn’t quite as exciting. “I’m bored.” Or worse yet: they’re not bored because they sleep until 2, grab the Cheetos and hang out in front of the TV for the day.

Summer vacation can be fun, but it takes some planning on your part as the parents, babysitters, or older siblings. We’ve put together some ideas on how to keep the kids moving, enjoy the warm weather, prevent the summer boredom, and enjoy all that Wausau has to offer. Check out these recommendations:

Wausau City Playgrounds: Wausau offers a morning playground program for children going into K-5th grade. This supervised time includes crafts, games, playground time & other organized activities. See their FLIER and register your children for the 8 week program!

If your children prefer water over wood chips, they may be interested in Wausau’s pools or even swim lessons. It’s only $1 to swim during open swim times (1-7:30pm), or you can decide to get an individual or family memberships for the summer. City pools offer swim lessons too, starting at 18 months. You can look at available lesson times & register HERE.

Soccer players in the house would love to be a part of Challenger’s British Soccer instructional soccer camp.  These week long camps take place at Brockmeyer Park and are lead by coaches that have been recruited from Great Britian. Details are HERE.

Sport lovers might also like to enroll in tennis lessons at Oak Island Park courts. Depending on age, they’ll have either one or three hour lessons which allow time for instruction, practice, and game playing. You’ll sign your children up by experience level, so their lesson will be tailored to their ability. Get more information HERE, then sign them up!

Kids & teens out of school for the summer might also be interested in the Oak Island Skateboard Park, beaches, and city parks throughout the area (a complete list can be made by clicking HERE and HERE). What about yard games, disc golf, frisbee, or water toys?

As with any outdoor activity, safety is going to be key. Consider sun safety (sunscreen, sunglasses & sun hats) and bike safety (helmets, lights & awareness of road rules) especially.

The City Pages’ Summer Fun book will include all the special events & local happenings going on this summer. Everyone should pick up a copy and have it on hand; it’d be a shame to miss out on all the restaurants, shows, concerts, and events Wausau has to offer.

We have nearly everything you’d need to enjoy the above summer activities, including swimsuits for swim lessons or looking your best at the beach, caps, goggles, and accessories; tennis racquets, shoes, and apparel; and toys and accessories to keep everyone busy on summer days. A stop in at Shep’s will have you inspired and equipped to make the most of the summer months before us and help you be sure you’re playing well.