It’s All Good Weather To Us

Wausau’s Favorite Outdoor Store can help you enjoy the outdoors in any weather.

Snow, Sun, Rain, Cold, Heat. None of these is a good enough reason to stay indoors when there’s work to be done or fun to be had.

Dressing for the occasion and using the right gear can make the great outdoors comfortable. Wausau’s favorite outdoor store can help.

Give it a Try!

We’ve been playing outside in North Central Wisconsin since 1949. We’re not only experts on the gear we sell and service, but where to use it and how to dress for success.

Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau is Wisconsin’s favorite. Just minutes from Shepherd & Schaller.

Are you looking to try skiing for the first time? Shep’s rents, sells used ski and snowboard gear and of course offers the latest new styles (our ski and boot selection is the largest in Wisconsin.) All the clothing and accessories we present make any excuse void. Seriously, try downhill skiing! Still not convinced? Anyone can snow shoe and like it, Cross Country skiing is a really inexpensive way to get great exercise and enjoy the quiet trails and woods. Snowboarding is as fun as you think it is. Honestly. Dressing for snow sports isn’t as complicated as you might think, and doing it right makes a big difference in your comfort for a full day on the slopes and trails. Get our dressing for success tips here.

What length rope? How fast to drive? The answers to these questions make a difference in your safety and performance. Ask us!

Making the most of hot weather? How about kayaking or a stand-up paddle board for one of our beautiful local water ways, along with sunscreen, a waterproof hat and the appropriate life jacket this is a fabulous way to make the most of any day. Access to a motor boat means you can try wake skates, water skis, wake boards and tow tubes. Want to get in the water and explore? We can recommend and fit snorkels – all these categories are available in kid’s sizes at Shep’s. Playing on and in the water is one of our favorite pastimes.

We all love mild weather!

Biking — fat tire, mountain, commuter, and more — we recommend and repair all of them. While the “pros” seek us out to fine tune their adventure, helping beginners is our specialty. Come ask your dummest question. We promise, no one is born knowing how to make biking a favorite activity in all kinds of weather. But we know the secrets and want to share. Let’s talk!

Shepherd & Schaller in downtown Wausau is where you can learn how to dress and select gear that’s right for you, in all kinds of weather. Visit us across from Wausau’s 400 Block park. Parking on site.