Celebrate Summer with Shep’s 2024 Sidewalk Sale; Now!

Shop Wausau’s annual event June 21-23 or beat the rush and visit us early. Prices are slashed and won’t be changed.

Downtown Sidewalk Sale is a summer tradition. Enjoy the savings at Shepherd and Schaller while you take in the art of Chalkfest across the street on Wausau’s 400 Block park.
  • Winter outerwear 30-60% off (Youth and Adult)
  • Fall/Winter sportswear 40-70% off
  • Summer sports and swimwear 20-50% off
  • Footwear 20-50% off
  • Merino Wool Socks 25% off
  • Alpine Ski Gear 50% off MSRP
  • Nordic Ski Gear
  • Snowboard Gear 40% off MSRP
  • Water Sports Equipment 20-50% off
  • Kayaks and Paddle Boards 8-35% off
  • Bikes and bike gear 20-50% off
  • Camping Gear, Bags and Hydration 20-25% off
  • Sunglasses 25%

Spin to Win! Discounts and Prizes await at Shep’s.

Feel the love this June at Wausau’s favorite outdoor store.

10%, 15% or 20% off is yours on new 2024 clothing, footwear and bags (including hiking packs).

Spin our Discount Wheel through June 23, 2024.

Discounts available in-store only. Visit shepssports.com to preview our live inventory.

Spin the Wheel discount is not retroactive and may not be combined with any other discount or promotion. It is not applicable to bikes, optics, water sports, camping gear or snow sports equipment.

How to fit and adjust: Osprey Frame Packs

The experts at Osprey have it dialed in. All content from Osprey.com

How To Fit Your Backpack

Learning how to fit your backpack doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by adding a little weight to your pack. It doesn’t have to weigh exactly what it would for your chosen activity but the closer it is to real life the better the fit. Carefully lift the pack onto your back from your knees. If it’s heavy then get someone to help you shoulder the pack.

Adjust the torso length

Most Osprey packs feature an adjustable torso length. These allow you to slide the harness up or down to perfectly fit your back length. You can guess at the right length for your back for now.

Once you have completed the following steps you should feel no gap between your back and the pack. If there’s a gap then tweak the back length and see if that solves it.

Fix & tighten the hip belt

Once the pack is comfortably on your back, the first attachment point is the hip belt strap. It’s essential that the hip belt strap is adjusted first as it distributes the weight evenly between legs and lower lumbar rather than the weaker points like the shoulders and arms.

Try to position the hipbelt over the upper half of your pelvis bone for maximum comfort.

Tighten harness straps

Next, the harness straps need to be pulled downwards so that the webbing on the harness is comfortably tight, much like the laces on your shoes.

The harness shouldn’t impede breathing or be too tight around the collar bone area.

Adjust load lifters

Load lifters, (the straps that connect the upper part of the main pack to the shoulder straps), should be pulled forward so that pack runs straight up and down your back. The close centre of gravity will allow weight to flow directly down to the ground.

The optimum angle for load lifters is around a 45 degree angle, this will ensure that the pack is straight to your back.

Clip & fix sternum strap

Lastly, fastening the strap across the chest (called the sternum strap), pulls the harness in to the chest and away from areas containing lots of blood vessels and nerves. If the harness is too tight it’ll restrict breathing, but if the sternum strap is too loose then you can end up with tingly or numb fingers!

That’s it. With ‘real life’ weight added you can adjust your fit by using these simple principals. Now get fitting!

Flatpack Portable Grill Small, Easy, Efficient






Mini Flatpack Grill $39.99

Flatpack Grill $49.99

The Mini Flatpack portable grill & firepit serves 2-3 people and packs compact for easy transportation to the beach, campsite or barbeque. It is Stainless steel construction for durability and easy maintenance. It has a quick 30 second set-up and you are ready to go. All you need to do to set up this grill is unfold it and place the grates on top. Has a stable base for safe grilling. The sides of grill serve as wind break for grilling in windy conditions and it can be used as a firepit to help leave no trace when you are done. Dishwasher safe. 


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Quick 30 second setup
  • Can be used as a Firepit
  • Stable base for safe grilling


  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Grilling area: 9″ x 6.75″
  • Packed dimensions: 9.5″ x 8″ x 1.5″
  • Warranty is 1 year

Ski Demo Day is March 2 in Wausau

Our 2024 Ski Demo is where you can try before you buy

Granite Peak Ski Area

and Shepherd and Schaller host Wausau’s annual consumer Demo

Feel the difference! Try new skis, as many as you like. Before you buy! Demo Day at Granite Peak features Shepherd and Schaller vendors new skis and snowboards for the 2024 / 2025 ski season.

  • Register in Sundance Chalet  
  • Cost to participate is a $10 donation that goes to the Granite Peak Ski Team
  • Demo is available from 9am to 3pm, when all equipment must be returned
  • Demo gear is sized for adults, no race gear is available

Try as many new skis and boards as you can! Return them to the vendor booth in the Village by 3pm.

Then, pre-order from Shep’s for next season at a deep discount.

Buy your Granite Peak lift ticket here