Dungeon Sale 2022: Shop Wausau’s Favorite Ski Swap Oct 24-29

Dungeon Sale is Wausau’s biggest annual ski consignment sale! Shop 10am-5pm Monday-Saturday, Oct 24-29, 2022. Appointments for equipment shopping are available, but not required.

Dig up the family and head to the Dungeon. If you dare…

Frighteningly low prices on used and new ski and snowboard gear plus clearance priced clothes, winter boots, accessories and outerwear in addition to discounts on ski shop services is what you’ll find during our most popular annual event. Kid’s gear is among our most popular categories and we have a great selection of sizes.

Schedule an appointment to avoid waiting for access to the Dungeon Tower, and all season if you like. It’s not required, but helpful. Please schedule a separate appointment for each shopper in your group.

How does it Work?

Have something to sell? Drop off healthy, clean used skis, snowboards, boots and poles now through Oct 10, 2022. After passing a quick inspection by our Pros, they’ll be part of our Dungeon Sale inventory. We help price it for you and keep only a 10% consignment fee when it sells, then you get Shep’s Store Credit to use toward the purchase of any of our products or services. We don’t accept clothing for consignment.

We’ve permanently moved our famously low-priced ski and snowboard gear from the basement Dungeon to the 3rd floor Tower of our hold where we have more room for all the awesome gear you’re excited to see. If stairs aren’t your thing, we’ll bring the deals to you on the main floor.

Sorry, we don’t allow shoppers in the Dungeon Sale without a Shep’s team member. You can shop our discounts on the main floor and Clearance Balcony if you find you have to wait for a Shep’s associate for a short time.

Is new 22/23 gear on sale too?

  • You bet! Our “Package Pricing” (you can call it bundling too) allows you to pay the lowest possible price on all new ski and snowboard necessities including skis, boards, boots, bindings and poles. Helmets and Goggles will be discounted as well.
  • Combine used and new items to create your ski or snowboard package. You’ll get our lowest price on each item.
  • Deeply discounted outerwear, clothing, footwear and accessories will be located in our Clearance Balcony during Dungeon Sale, Oct 24-29, 2022. Plus you’ll get 15% off new 20/23 must-haves including goggles, helmets, clothes and footwear.

What else do I need to know?

Please shop in person another time if you have symptoms of any illness.  There’s plenty of gear in our Dungeon. (Apart from off-sites ski swap dates, you can shop our used-gear inventory any time.)

  • There are so many great options to choose from and we’re here to help!
  • Race Gear is limited again this year. Please contact us if you’re interested in race goodies and meet with our race experts another time. (The Dungeon Sale is likely not your best option — we have special arrangements for race team members!)
  • Binding Adjustments for Dungeon Sale downhill skis will be $15 (Bring your ski boots along if you aren’t buying new ones.)
  • Shop Monday-Saturday 10am – 5pm
  • We don’t allow pre-sales or pre-shopping. That would be monstrously unfair.
  • We don’t accept returns of consigned gear once purchased.
  • We don’t allow Dungeon gear to be put on Hold.
  • If you need to shop for someone who can’t attend the event, please bring shoe size, height, weight, age and, for children, a tracing of their footprint.