Gifts for Dad

Did you come here for inspiration?  A small gift or a big one? You know we’ve got Wausau’s largest selection of ski and snowboard gear, bikes, tennis, camping and waterspouts.  But we’ve got other great gifts that wrap up in small packages and require only small budgets too:

Man-Cans   Ahhh, the scent of Bacon.  Or Grandpa’s Pipe, a Leather Mitt, Fresh Cut Grass, Sawdust, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Campfire, Gunpowder or Hot Chocolate (to name a few.)  There’s nothing girly about scents that do more than just smell good.

Man-Cans are made inside a real soup can.  The can is donated to a soup kitchen and when it’s been cleaned and returned, the label is removed and the can is filled with manly scented natural wax.  When you buy a Man-Can you’re helping feed people who need a little extra help.  All thanks to a 13-year-old with a unique idea.  And dad likes good smells as much as mom.  $11.50

Does dad like to hang out on the patio, do a little camping, hide in his man cave?  Help him spruce up his favorite place with kitch-y cool knick-knacks from Outside Inside.  Seriously neat bird feeders, games, and other fun stuff.  $20-35 range.



Kuhl Clothes   Does Dad like to look cool?  Or is it Hot?  Or even sick?  Whatever, he will look and feel good in duds from Kühl®, where the passion remains to get outdoors and have fun. Kühl® is what it means to be comfortable and relaxed in the challenging environment of life and sport. For Kühl®, this dedication to original thinking translates into excellence in design and exceptional construction because they use not only innovative style and features, but exclusive fabrics with unique weaves and vintage washes that create authentic character. Articulated, gusseted, precise designs as well as the utmost craftsmanship provide a fit that is pure comfort. Wearing Kühl® not only represents the freedom of movement but also free will.  Dad will love their long and short-sleeved shirts, fleece and wool sweaters and great outerwear in addition to their well known pants. Every man looks good in Kuhl.  Starting at $45.

Does dad have a lot to juggle?  How about a great day pack, with a lifetime warranty to boot.  Dozens by The North Face, Patagonia, Dakine and Burton are in stock.  Starting at $45



How about a round of Disc Golf?  This is a sport everyone can love.  There are usually no greens fees, you can dress down, and most courses have no pro shop, no marshal, no tee times, and feel much more like what they are: a public park where people can come, go, and do as they please.  Of course ‘golf etiquette’ is practiced just like ball golf, which makes for a pleasant outing for everyone involved.  Pick up a disc and give it a spin and you’re on your way.   Shepherd & Schaller stocks hundred’s of Innova and Discraft golf discs each spring.  Starting at $8.99

Sock it to him.  Smartwool socks are a gift he’ll really love.  At the heart of these great socks is the highest quality merino yarn available from sheep raised in the most amazing places on earth.  Skillfully woven in the American Southeast, the world’s best performance socks are Made in the USA.  Dad will like that too. Read more here and fall in love with Smartwool even more.  Starting at $14.95.  (By 3 Get 1 Free June 1-15, 2014)


Found his photo of a Perception paddler from NC who reviewed his boat online.  Looks like he’s having fun!

Got a little healthier budget?Recreational Kayaking.  If you have access to a local lake, stream or river and can sit and move your arms, you can kayak.  Sport kayaking is a relaxing way to spend a day outside.  The crew at Shep’s can help you decide what kind of boat is right for your goals and the water you expect to be on, and can recommend a PFD (personal flotation device otherwise known as a life jacket) that is specifically designed for paddling.  Don’t forget the paddle – or dad will be up a creek in no time!  Recreational boats from Perception are incredibly stable, so rolling is not usually an issue.  Many models are designed for fishing, so dad wins again. Boats begin at $399.  And be a sport.  Get him some Sun Bum Pro sunscreen too.  Starting at $3.99

Visit us in Downtown Wausau, Wisconsin or online at to shop for  Bike, Camping, Tennis, Water Ski and Snow Sports departments too, along with a great selection of clothes from Patagonia, The North Face, Kavu, Smartwool and lots more.  Dad’s worth it.


Insect Repellent – Avoid West Nile with Repel

Mosquito season is upon us, and this year, they’re really making themselves known. According to the Wausau Daily Herald, West Nile virus has been confirmed in our area.

This doesn’t mean you need to lock up the house and stay inside until October. You may be one who works outside, one who loves to hang at the beach, a hiker, a mountain biker, a kayaker or even a soccer league spectator or gardener. Thankfully, protecting ourselves against mosquitos & their illnesses is not that difficult.

We just restocked our shelves with some of the very best insect repellent around. Repel Sportsman & Sportsman Max boasts 20%-40% deet, which should keep us recreational outdoors-people plenty safe from mosquitos, ticks, gnats, biting flies, chiggers & fleas. If you’re swarmed constantly, spending time in the deep woods or swampy areas, you might want to consider Ben’s 100, which contains 98.11% deet. Spray it on & you’ll be protected for up to 10 hours. A third insect repellent option that might interest you contains Permethrin and is for your clothing & gear, not your skin. One application to your clothing, shoes, packs, etc., will keep you protected for two weeks. (Plus, it’s unscented!)

Preparing for the outdoors can be quick and easy. Take a few minutes, be wise, and protect yourself from the risks (think sunscreen & bug spray) so you can get out and stay out! Happy summer!

Back to Nature – Camping in Wisconsin

Did you grow up spending every Memorial Day weekend out in the woods, or are you thinking you want to start that tradition now? It’s the beginning of spring, the weather is finally warm, the birds are out & we’re all itching to get out and enjoy nature. Get away and unplug, and while you’re enjoying the peace & quiet outside, pause to remember all those who gave their lives so we can have the freedom we love.

As with every outdoor activity, a stop at Shep’s first to get the supplies you’re missing and the expert opinion you’re needing, is the best idea. We’re a staff that loves to camp when we’re not at work and we’ll give you all the secrets we have. Until we see you in the shop, here’s some info to get yourself started. (Most of this post will be relative to car camping, but we have backpacking  experts on staff too. If that’s more your cup of tea, stop down.)

Where To Go: 

We are fortunate to live where we do; where within an hour or two hour drive, you have a plethora of great camping options. We take advantage of all the State Parks in the area, as well as local county parks. This link will give you a list of the campgrounds in the state (by region) – which can be useful to find a place you’ve never discovered before. Otherwise, our trusty Wisconsin State Park reservation listings can help you find a site too.

What to Pack:

Here is a checklist to reference when you’re packing your bags & your car for the weekend away. Keep in mind that everyone camps a little differently, so you may want to add some things to this list and may cross off some lines, too. Either way, it should be a great list to get you thinking & help you feel prepared. Feel free to print it off and use it again and again!

Food to Try:

It’s hard to go wrong with the old standby: pudgie pies. Pizza, hot ham & cheese, apple pie, and more. Besides that, tin foil dinners are big (and super easy to make on your evening campfire). Use cooking spray generously to coat the inside of tin foil, then add washed & sliced potatoes, carrots, onions, and any other veggies you like. (Some people love it with meat, too!) The kicker is adding butter squares & seasonings before you wrap the foil into a sealed package and let it cook & steam itself on the fire. If you bring a camp stove, you’ll have all the options in the world for food – do pancake and egg breakfasts, fry up burgers for dinner, or anything else your mind dreams up. A quick Pinterest search will give you way more ideas than you’ll know what to do with! Make a list, hit the grocery store & get going!

At Shep’s:

We have a full camping department stocked with tents, cots, sleeping bags, day packs and frame packs, insect repellant, quality sunscreens, first aid tools, cook sets, and so, so much more. At the shop, you’ll also find books of hiking trails in Wisconsin, the apparel you need to be comfortable in any weather, the best footwear for beaching, lounging, or hiking, outdoor games, treats, accessories, and more. Plus, we love to swap stories & show pictures. (Ask for Tony Z especially – he’s been hiking & camping all over Wisconsin and will entertain you with his experiences & pictures of the adventures!)

Hope to see you hitting the road and enjoying the woods this weekend. (There aren’t many better places to be!)

Hey Mom! Let’s Go Outside and Play!

Mom probably likes flowers, perfume and candy.  But you know the gift she really wants  this Mother’s Day is time with you.  Remember when she taught you how to love playing outside?  This year, return the favor.  The Wausau, WI area is flush with great outdoor spots to enjoy.  See what mom needs to make her outdoor adventures complete (we can help if you need ideas ) and cap off a great gift with time together doing something you both love.

Gift ideas (with each photo) and a list of nearby campgrounds, boat launches, hiking and bike trails, disc golf courses and tennis courts is just a click away.  But click quick, then get outside!  Happy Mother’s Day mom, from all of us at Shepherd & Schaller 🙂