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Buck up and put on a Kromer

22aa6e46304e2e63aa924355225833c8Cold weather is no excuse to stay inside. While folks here may be a little “cheesy,” as in Wisconsin’s famous export, we’re serious about spending time outdoors all twelve months.  And for about nine of them you’ll find Stormy Kromer hats are a uniform in Wisconsin.

It’s the windproof boiled bool, magic pull-down earflap, awesome bow and handsome brim, though we don’t get much sun in these parts.  But most of all is because we all look so great wearing them, and have since 1903 when the famous cap was born in Wisconsin.

Our friends at Northern Michigan’s Stormy Kromer factory put together a little history video.  We like it and think you will too.  Come see us in Downtown Wausau, WI when you’re ready to pick out your first Kromer, or your tenth.  And if you didn’t catch on already, our favorite hat is Made in the USA.  Another good thing.

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Stormy Kromers – An American Favorite

Stormy Kromers… are you familiar? Maybe you knew them as that wool hat with the ear flaps your grandpa Lou wore (and probably still wears). Or are they the ones you see on college campuses? The answer is: BOTH.

Stormy Kromers are well loved by all ages. They’re an old favorite, and a new (again) trend. The perfect way to keep your head and ears toasty this fall and winter, all while pulling off the fashion look you love.

So here’s what you should do:

1- Read a big of their story below (taken from StormyKromer.com) and the history of these hats will come alive.


2- Come down to the shop and see all the colors & styles we have and dream of which you’ll love most this chilly season.

3- Try it on and fall in love.

4- Wear it day after day.

It’s as simple as that! We have the largest selection of Kromers in the area so you’ll find hats with ties, buttons, plaids and solids, you’ll see your favorite team colors in their Benchwarmer collection, ear bands, can coozies, t-shirts, wool vests & bags, and more! They’re made right in Ironwood, MI, so you can be confident standing behind their brand, and sure that they meet even the toughest of winters head-on. They know what it’s like when the snow flies and the temperatures drop.

We’ll see you in the shop soon. 🙂

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